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US10000677 Method of making ceramic shaped abrasive particles, sol-gel composition, and ceramic shaped abrasive particles
US10000678 Ice-resistant paint for wind turbine blades, procedure for its preparation, use and wind turbine blade coated with the ice-resistant paint
US10000679 Phenolic resin composition
US10000680 High temperature stable thermally conductive materials
US10000681 Hollow hydrogel capsules and methods of using the same
US10000682 Methods of drilling
US10000683 Drilling fluids with crosslinked sulfonate-containing polymers dispersed in high density brines
US10000684 Drilling fluid additive composition, and oil-based drilling fluid and use thereof
US10000685 Traceable polymeric additives for use in subterranean formations
US10000686 Methods for treating a well bore within an underground formation
US10000687 Smart water flooding processes for increasing hydrocarbon recovery
US10000688 Composition and method for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
US10000689 Fluid composition for stimulation in the field of oil or gas production
US10000690 Ceramic particles with controlled pore and/or microsphere placement and/or size and method of making same
US10000691 Variably tacky proppants
US10000692 Fracturing or gravel-packing fluid with CMHEC in brine
US10000693 Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells
US10000694 Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
US10000695 Method of manufacturing fluoride phosphor, white light emitting apparatus, display apparatus, and lighting device
US10000696 Light-emitting ceramic, light-emitting element, and light-emitting device
US10000697 Magnesium alumosilicate-based phosphor
US10000698 Transparent ceramic garnet scintillator detector for positron emission tomography
US10000699 Phosphor-nanoparticle combinations
US10000700 Nematic liquid crystal composition
US10000701 Cured-film formation composition, orientation material, and retardation material
US10000702 Liquid crystal alignment agent, liquid crystal alignment film, and liquid crystal display element
US10000703 Catalytic fast pyrolysis process
US10000704 Systems and methods for controlling, monitoring, and operating remote oil and gas field equipment over a data network with applications to raw natural gas processing and flare gas capture
US10000705 Apparatus for producing high VCM coke
US10000706 Serpentine fluid reactor components
US10000707 Pinned furnace tubes
US10000708 Method for heating crude
US10000709 Hydrocarbon resource processing device including radio frequency applicator and related methods
US10000710 Pyrolysis tar upgrading process
US10000711 Method and plant for obtaining crude oil products
US10000712 Hydroprocessing of biodiesel fuels and blends
US10000713 Configurations and methods of flexible CO2 removal
US10000714 Iron oxide nanoparticle dispersions and fuel additives for soot combustion
US10000715 Catalytic depolymerisation of polymeric materials
US10000716 Aqueous low friction coating for telecommunication cables
US10000717 Lubricating oil compositions containing encapsulated microscale particles
US10000718 Sulphur-bridged compounds, use thereof and process for production thereof
US10000719 Lubricating oil composition
US10000720 Lubricant compositions containing beta-glucans
US10000721 Lubricating oil compositions with engine wear protection
US10000722 Refrigeration machine oil composition
US10000723 Distillation system
US10000725 Solid fast draining/drying rinse aid for high total dissolved solid water conditions
US10000726 High performance low viscoelasticity foaming detergent compositions employing extended chain anionic surfactants
US10000727 Packaged composition
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