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US10000728 Cleaning composition with propellant
US10000729 Apparatus and method for aging liquids
US10000730 Biomaterial handling device
US10000731 Enzymatic transesterification/esterification processes employing lipases immobilized on hydrophobic resins in the presence of water solutions
US10000732 Microfluidic dual-well device for highthroughput single-cell capture and culture
US10000733 Method for affecting phenotypic activity of endophytic fungi
US10000734 Method for evaluating cell populations
US10000735 Method for differentiating pluripotent stem cell induced from mesenchymal stem cell into neuron
US10000736 Method for priming of T cells
US10000737 Generation of cytotoxic tumor specific cell lines and uses thereof
US10000738 Usage of odontogenic stem cells and genetically modified odontogenic stem cells
US10000739 Method and culture medium for improving pluripotent stem cell differentiation inducing efficiency
US10000740 In vitro production of foregut stem cells
US10000741 Compositions and methods for enhanced gene expression in cone cells
US10000742 Device and method of collection for RNA viruses
US10000743 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose reductase
US10000744 Engineered enzyme having acetoacetyl-CoA hydrolase activity, microorganisms comprising same, and methods of using same
US10000745 Therapeutic nuclease compositions and methods
US10000746 LAGLIDADG homing endonuclease cleaving the T cell receptor alpha gene and uses thereof
US10000747 Endoglycosidase mutants for glycoprotein remodeling and methods of using it
US10000748 Factor IX variants with clotting activity in absence of their cofactor and/or with increased F.IX clotting activity and their use for treating bleeding disorders
US10000749 Valencene synthase polypeptides, encoding nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
US10000750 Method of isolating nucleic acid
US10000751 Method and apparatus for isolating nucleic acids
US10000752 Antagonat compositions and methods of use
US10000753 Age-related macular degeneration treatment
US10000755 Use of the chromosome 19 microRNA cluster (C19MC) for treating microbial disease and promoting authophagy
US10000756 Lin28/let-7 crystal structures, purification protocols, and molecular probes suitable for screening assays and therapeutics
US10000757 Gene vector
US10000758 Microorganisms and methods for enhancing the availability of reducing equivalents in the presence of methanol, for producing methacrylic acid
US10000759 Yeast alleles involved in maximal alcohol accumulation capacity and tolerance to high alcohol levels
US10000760 Yeast with high content of Abu, γ-Glu-Abu, and/or γ-Glu-Abu-Gly
US10000761 DNA molecule used for recombinant Pichia plasmid and recombinant Pichia strain expressing PprI protein of Deinococcus radiodurans
US10000762 Sorghum-derived transcription regulatory elements predominantly active in root hair cells and uses thereof
US10000763 Method for regulating expression of specific protein using cytokinin-responsive transcription factor, isoprenoid-producing plant having gene encoding cytokinin-responsive transcription factor introduced therein, and method for producing polyisoprenoid using said isoprenoid-producing plant
US10000764 Gene for increasing plant weight and method for using the same
US10000765 Gene encoding cytochrome P450, and use thereof
US10000766 Recombinant construct, recombinant microorganism, recombinant plant cell and method of providing plant with resistance against DNA virus and RNA virus
US10000767 Methods and compositions for plant pest control
US10000768 Compositions and methods for increasing nematode resistance in plants
US10000769 Bacillus thuringiensis genes with lepidopteran activity
US10000770 Methods of expressing products in mammalian cells
US10000771 Nuclear targeting sequences
US10000772 Methods and compositions for RNA-directed target DNA modification and for RNA-directed modulation of transcription
US10000773 Cytochrome P450 and use thereof for the enzymatic oxidation of terpenes
US10000774 Transformant for expressing cis-prenyltranferase and Nogo B receptor
US10000775 Biosynthesis of 1-undecene and related terminal olefins
US10000776 Gas phase biocatalysis method and process
US10000777 Method for employing corn plant material comprising cobs in the manufacture of ethanol
US10000778 Conversion systems for biomass
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