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US10000779 Two-stage continuous process for producing a solvent
US10000780 Endoglucanase variants having improved activity, and uses of same
US10000782 Recombinant host cell for the biosynthesis of vanillin or vanillin beta-D-glucoside
US10000783 Steviol glucosyltransferases and genes encoding the same
US10000784 Creatinine biosensor and method of using the same
US10000785 Composition of redox-reagents for electrochemical biosensor and biosensor comprising the same
US10000786 Method and equipment for the automated testing of microbiological samples
US10000787 Methods for diagnosing bacterial infections
US10000788 Rapid and sensitive detection of molecules
US10000789 Cellular probe device, system and analysis method
US10000790 Materials and methods for rapid visualization of NAD(P)H
US10000791 Measurement method for human pancreatic lipase activity
US10000792 Methods for cyclic nucleotide determination
US10000793 Method for enumeration of mammalian cell micronuclei, while distinguishing chromatin of dead and dying cells
US10000794 Droplet storage method
US10000795 Stabilizing compositions and methods for extraction of ribonucleic acid
US10000796 On-slide staining by primer extension
US10000797 Methods and systems for performing digital measurements
US10000798 Polymerase-nucleic acid complex
US10000799 Methods of sequencing with linked fragments
US10000800 Nucleic acid constructs and methods of use
US10000801 Four-color DNA sequencing by synthesis using cleavable fluorescent nucleotide reversible terminators
US10000802 Sequencing method
US10000803 Polynucleotide mapping and sequencing
US10000804 Methods of macromolecular analysis using nanochannel arrays
US10000805 Isolation of polymerase-nucleic acid complexes
US10000806 Triplex event-specific reaction used to quantify specific events and possible contaminating events
US10000807 Materials and methods for identifying gyrase inhibitors
US10000808 Methods of detecting cervical cancer
US10000809 Methods for determining risk of chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD) and subtypes thereof
US10000810 MiRNA fingerprint in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
US10000811 Markers to predict macrocyclic lactone drug resistance in dirofilaria immitis, the causative agent of heartworm disease
US10000812 Treatment of disease
US10000813 Method of diagnosing and treating cancer using B-catenin splice variants
US10000814 ALK and NTRK1 fusion molecules and uses thereof
US10000815 Method to determine responsiveness of cancer to epidermal growth factor receptor targeting treatments
US10000816 Method for detecting an increased risk of developing skin cancer and a use of a genotype variant of the GRHL3 gene
US10000817 Mutation detection assay
US10000818 Prevention and diagnosis of visceral fat
US10000819 Sequences and their use for detection and characterization of E. coli O157:H7
US10000821 Direct smelting process
US10000822 Method for hardening sheet metal material
US10000823 Method and device for partially hardening sheet metal components
US10000824 Material for cold-rolled stainless steel sheet and production method therefor
US10000825 Process, method and plant for recovering scandium
US10000826 Alpha-beta titanium alloy having improved elevated temperature properties and superplasticity
US10000827 Method of forming a sintered nickel-titanium-rare earth (Ni—Ti—RE) alloy
US10000828 Aluminum alloy having an excellent combination of strength, extrudability and corrosion resistance
US10000829 Hot-rolled steel sheet
US10000830 Method for manufacturing martensite-based precipitation strengthening stainless steel
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