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US10000831 Highly durable coil spring steel
US10000832 Duplex stainless steel
US10000833 Thick, tough, high tensile strength steel plate and production method therefor
US10000834 Bulk nickel-chromium-phosphorus glasses bearing niobium and boron exhibiting high strength and/or high thermal stability of the supercooled liquid
US10000835 Cooling method and cooling device for Al alloy manufactured casting
US10000836 Low-cost fine-grain weak-texture magnesium alloy sheet and method of manufacturing the same
US10000837 Methods and apparatus for forming bulk metallic glass parts using an amorphous coated mold to reduce crystallization
US10000838 Titanium alloys exhibiting resistance to impact or shock loading
US10000839 Thermal spray composition and component made therewith
US10000840 Piston ring for internal combustion engines
US10000841 Hydrophilic-hydrophobic transformable composite film and the method of fabricating the same
US10000842 Oxide sintered body, sputtering target, and oxide semiconductor thin film obtained using sputtering target
US10000843 Coating process for non-conductive substrates and devices made from the coating process
US10000844 Magnetic field generator, magnetron cathode and spattering apparatus
US10000845 MOCVD system for growth of III-nitride and other semiconductors
US10000846 Method for producing a tribologically distressed laminate, a laminate and use of an organometallic compound for producing a functional layer of the laminate
US10000847 Graphite susceptor
US10000848 Method and use of a binder for providing a metallic coat covering a surface
US10000849 Laminate, packaging material using the same and production process for the same
US10000850 Deposition method and method of manufacturing a catalyst wire for a catalytic chemical vapor deposition apparatus
US10000851 Cold spray manufacturing of MAXMET composites
US10000852 Method of forming metal deposits on ultrahard materials
US10000853 System and method for controllable non-volatile metal removal
US10000854 Method for preventing elution of Bi from copper alloy
US10000855 Multi-stack electrochemical compressor system and method for operating
US10000856 Electrochemical cell having a cascade seal configuration and hydrogen reclamation
US10000857 Segmented capping board and contact bar assembly and methods in hydrometallurgical refining
US10000858 Bath for surface treatment, method of producing surface-treated steel plate by using the bath for surface treatment, and surface treated steel plate produced by the same method
US10000859 Hard aluminum films formed using high current density plating
US10000860 Methods of electrochemical deposition for void-free gap fill
US10000861 Coated substrate for packaging applications and a method for producing said coated substrate
US10000862 Method of making quantum dots
US10000863 Method for cleaning single crystal pulling apparatus, cleaning tool for use therein, and method for manufacturing single crystal
US10000864 Group 13 element nitride crystal layer and function element
US10000865 Apparatus for producing nanobodies via shear flow formation
US10000866 Drafting device for spinning-knitting machines
US10000867 Device and method for determining the diameter of a yarn balloon formed by a running yarn at a workstation of a textile machine
US10000868 Reinforcing cord for rubber and rubber product using the same
US10000869 Industrial two-layered fabric
US10000870 Conductive line stitching method
US10000871 Sewing machine and thread spool device
US10000872 Sewing machine
US10000873 Apparatus for the treatment of strand-like textile material
US10000874 Tubless washing machine
US10000875 Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
US10000876 Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
US10000877 Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
US10000879 Laundry treating apparatus
US10000880 Laundry wash water recycle system
US10000881 Method for antimicrobial fabric application
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