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US10000882 Method for operating a washing machine
US10000883 Overflow pan for an appliance
US10000884 Washing machine
US10000885 Washing machine and washing method thereof
US10000886 Fastener for hanging clothes
US10000887 Hair extension drying apparatus
US10000888 Applique to provide a design on a fabric
US10000889 High yield and enhanced performance fiber
US10000890 Low viscosity kraft fiber having reduced yellowing properties and methods of making and using the same
US10000891 Biomass process optimisation
US10000892 Evacuated tube and capsule having interchange capability
US10000893 Machine for preparing and laying a bituminous carpet for closing micro-trenches
US10000894 Spray bar assembly for machine system, and method
US10000895 Rotating hydraulic gear motor
US10000896 Two-layer concrete pavement forming device and pavement method using normal concrete and high-performance concrete
US10000897 Driving device in a self-propelled construction machine and method for setting a speed ratio in such a driving device
US10000898 Ground milling machine and method for adjusting the stripping plate of a ground milling machine
US10000899 Fire protection device for a structural cable
US10000901 Snow shovel
US10000902 Removable dock bracket support
US10000903 Casing assembly for forming CIP retaining wall and method for forming CIP retaining walls using the casing assembly
US10000904 Securing system for basketball pole
US10000905 Cutterhead debris guard
US10000906 Shovel
US10000907 Lift arm vehicle window
US10000908 Hybrid-type working machine
US10000909 Control device for hydraulic equipment
US10000910 Shovel
US10000911 Abnormality diagnostic system for work system of construction machinery and method using the same
US10000912 Freeze prediction system
US10000913 Magnetic docking faucet
US10000914 Plumbing fixture with user interface
US10000916 Auxiliary water receptacle apparatus
US10000917 Systems, devices, and/or methods for managing toilet fragrances
US10000918 Toilet system for a lavatory of a vehicle, lavatory of a vehicle, and aircraft with such a lavatory
US10000919 Connection structure of column and beam and method for connecting column and beam
US10000920 Fire-fighting wall-casing system
US10000921 Expansion joint seal system with internal intumescent springs providing fire retardancy
US10000922 Construction boards with coated inorganic facer
US10000923 Fire blocking reveal
US10000924 Establishing barriers with modular wall structures
US10000925 Moisture collection and drainage system within an exterior stucco wall construction
US10000926 Retractable roof system
US10000927 Modular construction block
US10000928 Tie for composite wall system that is both screwable and axially pushable
US10000929 Shingle with reinforcement member
US10000930 Spaced vent for metal roofs
US10000931 Apparatus and method for moss remediation
US10000932 Device for fixing a gutter to a building construction, building construction with such a device, fixing member, support member
US10000933 Flatpack gutter trap
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