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US10000934 Peripheral sealing gland for elongate objects passing through a surface or beyond a pipe end
US10000935 Vertical joint system and associated surface covering system
US10000936 Floor panel, as well as method, device and accessories for manufacturing such floor panel
US10000937 Inflatable connector
US10000938 Concrete void forming method and device
US10000939 Single container wind resistant modular ISO building
US10000940 Business productivity room
US10000941 Modular storage system
US10000942 Collapsible all-terrain cot or tent apparatus
US10000943 Beautification and privacy fence panel system and uses thereof
US10000944 Gate latch
US10000945 Universal electronics lock
US10000946 Arresting element and handle
US10000947 Auto-lock system for door window frame lateral retention
US10000948 Crash safety locking device for a motor vehicle door
US10000949 Apparatus and method for preventing undesired engagement of hold open lever in a latch
US10000950 Latch assembly and tailgate for vehicle
US10000952 Hinge kit and related methods
US10000955 Biaxial hinge and terminal device using the same
US10000956 Break away door, trip unit and circuit breaker assembly including same
US10000957 Door closer assembly
US10000958 Intelligent sensing edge and control system
US10000959 Vehicle door opening and closing control device
US10000960 Drive device for a movable barrier
US10000961 Temperature control for powered vehicle doors
US10000962 Guiding device for a sliding door
US10000963 Two part spacer with overlapping surfaces
US10000964 Connectors for spacers of insulating glass units and spacer comprising a connector for an insulating glass unit
US10000965 Insulating glass unit transparent conductive coating technology
US10000967 Curtain blinds spring motor elasticity maintaining structure
US10000968 Electromechanical actuator and home automation installation comprising such an electromechanical actuator
US10000969 Access control apparatus
US10000970 Downhole drilling assembly with motor powered hammer and method of using same
US10000971 Steering tool with eccentric sleeve and method of use
US10000972 Downhole adjustable bent motor
US10000973 Reamer for use in drilling operations
US10000974 Methods for forming earth-boring tools having cutting elements mounted in cutting element pockets and tools formed by such methods
US10000975 Cutting element
US10000976 Cutting element
US10000977 Drill bit with self-adjusting pads
US10000978 Tubular centralizer
US10000979 Earth drilling device and method
US10000980 Conveyor apparatus
US10000981 Back pressure control system
US10000982 Release valve used in an inner tube assembly for use with a core barrel
US10000983 Flow back jet pump
US10000984 Wellbore fluid used with oil-swellable elements
US10000985 Protective sheath for logging tools
US10000986 Dual string section mill
US10000987 Blowout preventer monitoring system and method of using same
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