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US10000053 Web displacer for a printing unit
US10000054 Sheet-processing machine having a sheet-guiding drum, and method for producing a gripper system
US10000055 Method for operating a printing press
US10000056 Screen printing apparatus and paste kneading method
US10000057 Controlling nozzles in a print head
US10000058 Liquid ejecting apparatus, drive circuit, and integrated circuit
US10000059 Printing apparatus and transmission cable
US10000060 Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus
US10000061 Piezoelectric device, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
US10000062 Liquid ejecting apparatus
US10000063 Liquid containing member
US10000064 Cartridge having contact parts for fastening cartridge to holder
US10000065 Inkjet printing system having dynamically controlled ink reservoir
US10000066 Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge device, and liquid discharge apparatus
US10000067 Ink, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recorded matter
US10000068 Multi-drop inkjet printing apparatus
US10000069 Thermal transfer printer
US10000070 Printer and printer control method
US10000071 Ribbon feeding apparatus, and tape printing apparatus equipped with the same
US10000072 Printer and printing jig
US10000073 Apparatus and method for printing on a curved glass surface
US10000074 Writing to an electronic imaging substate
US10000075 Multilayer imaging with a high-gloss clear ink layer
US10000076 Drying device and inkjet printer system including drying device
US10000078 Printer apparatus
US10000079 Printing device including holder supporting platen roller through bearings
US10000080 Random wave mask generation
US10000081 Transfer sheet
US10000082 Stamp with built-in leveling feature
US10000083 Thermosensitive recording medium
US10000084 Ink set and recording method
US10000085 Device and method for transferring flowable printing substances onto a printing material
US10000086 Binding device
US10000087 Method for detachable poster hanging and magnetic poster holder device
US10000088 Writing instrument and ink cartridge
US10000089 Multi-color marker
US10000090 Pneumatic radial tire for passenger vehicle
US10000091 Tire comprising a tread made up of several elastomeric compounds
US10000092 Pneumatic tire
US10000093 Tread protection device
US10000094 Heavy duty pneumatic tire
US10000095 Pneumatic tire with dimples on one or both sidewall outer surfaces
US10000096 Pneumatic tire
US10000097 Electrostatic energy generator using tire cord fabric
US10000098 Tire pressure measurement device, an integrated circuit, a printed circuit board, a method and a computer program for a vehicle to receive data
US10000099 Tire pressure monitoring unit having a two-component housing
US10000100 Piezoelectric based system and method for determining tire load
US10000101 Machine for fitting and removing a tyre and method for operating the machine
US10000102 Tunable compact spring aid
US10000103 Method of controlling a vehicle active suspension system
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