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US10000988 Seal assemblies in subsea rotating control devices
US10000989 Resin system for composite downhole frac plug and bridge plug tools and related methods
US10000990 System and method for creating a sealing tubular connection in a wellbore
US10000991 Frac plug
US10000992 Downhole bypass tool
US10000993 Multi-gauge wrap wire for subterranean sand screen
US10000994 Multi-shot charge for perforating gun
US10000995 Completion systems including an expansion joint and a wet connect
US10000996 Flow device and methods of creating different pressure drops based on a direction of flow
US10000997 Longitudinal positioning tool for a rod string
US10000998 Recovery from a hydrocarbon reservoir
US10000999 Apparatus for the inductive heating of oil sand and heavy oil deposits by way of current-carrying conductors
US10001000 Simulating well system fluid flow based on a pressure drop boundary condition
US10001001 Apparatus and method for perforating a wellbore casing, and method and apparatus for fracturing a formation
US10001002 Particle dust control with liquid binding agents
US10001003 Multl-stage fracture injection process for enhanced resource production from shales
US10001004 Closed loop model predictive control of directional drilling attitude
US10001005 Drill bit with hydraulically adjustable axial pad for controlling torsional fluctuations
US10001006 Ranging using current profiling
US10001007 Well logging with autonomous robotic diver
US10001008 System and method for providing broadband communications over power cabling
US10001009 Pumpable mine ventilation structure
US10001010 Axial piston machine utilizing a bent-axis construction with slippers on the drive flange
US10001011 Rotary piston engine with operationally adjustable compression
US10001012 Turbine wheel of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
US10001013 Turbine rotor blades with platform cooling arrangements
US10001014 Turbine bucket profile
US10001015 Drag reduction systems having fractal geometry/geometrics
US10001016 Turbomachine blade having a main body including a plane first attachment surface
US10001017 Turbomachine component with a stress relief cavity
US10001018 Hot gas path component with impingement and pedestal cooling
US10001019 Turbine rotor blade
US10001020 Composite fan blade, including wheel and assembly characterized by same
US10001021 Barrier layer for a turbocharger
US10001022 Seals for gas turbine engine
US10001023 Grooved seal arrangement for turbine engine
US10001024 Abradable composition and seal of an axial-flow turbomachine compressor casing
US10001025 Combined electricity, heat, and chill generation for a Rankine engine
US10001026 In-line shutoff valves
US10001027 Turbine engine comprising a device for braking the fan rotor
US10001028 Dual spring bearing support housing
US10001029 Bearing locking assemblies and methods of assembling the same
US10001030 Systems and methods for lubricating bearings of rotating equipment in gas processing systems
US10001031 Turbine casing and method of manufacturing thereof
US10001032 Water removal device for steam turbine
US10001033 Cylinder head
US10001034 Rocker arm assembly for use in a valvetrain of a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine
US10001035 Hydraulic lash adjuster
US10001036 Variable camshaft timing mechanism with a lock pin engaged by oil pressure
US10001037 Variable valve mechanism
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