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US10001038 Heat-insulated system for lubricating rotating and oscillating components of a motor vehicle
US10001039 Drain bolt configured to be forcibly withdrawn
US10001040 Separator
US10001041 Engine device
US10001042 Systems, methods, and apparatus for reductant dosing in an SCR aftertreatment system
US10001043 Method and device for operating exhaust gas sensors
US10001044 Exhaust gas post-processing apparatus and control method therefor
US10001045 Non-intrusive air/fuel sensor diagnostics
US10001046 Methods to adapt reductant injection controls for catalyst aging
US10001047 Multi-leg exhaust aftertreatment system and method
US10001048 Cyclonic thermal diffuser and method
US10001049 Heat insulator
US10001050 Piston cooling for opposed-piston engines
US10001051 Device and method for improving performance of a motor vehicle
US10001052 Combustion state estimation method
US10001053 Method and device for the purification of diesel exhaust gases
US10001054 Method and device for orienting an actuator of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
US10001055 Engine-driven working machine housed in outer case with vibration isolating support
US10001056 Internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio
US10001057 Exhaust layout with accompanying firing sequence for two-stroke cycle, inline, opposed-piston engines
US10001058 Heat generation rate waveform calculation device of internal combustion engine and method for calculating heat generation rate waveform
US10001059 Accessory gearbox with tower shaft removal capability
US10001060 Valve assembly with oil shut-off valve
US10001061 Cooling system for gas turbine engines
US10001062 Aircraft turbine engine comprising an air intake housing with a variable aerodynamic profile
US10001063 Angled core gas turbine engine mounting
US10001064 Assembly of an inner fixed structure of a turbojet engine nacelle and of a thermal protection
US10001065 Control concept for closed loop Brayton cycle
US10001066 Rotary actuator for variable geometry vanes
US10001067 Carburetor with scavenging fluid flow
US10001068 Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
US10001069 Method for reducing exhaust gas of mild hybrid system
US10001070 Multi-fuel engine controls including multi-factor cost optimization
US10001071 Control system and control method for internal combustion engine
US10001073 Systems and methods for multiple catalyst light off events during drive cycle
US10001074 Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
US10001075 Internal combustion engine
US10001076 Control system of internal combustion engine
US10001077 Method and system to determine location of peak firing pressure
US10001078 Engine cooling system
US10001079 Coolant penetrating cold-end pressure vessel
US10001080 Thrust reverse variable area fan nozzle
US10001081 Thrust reverser for an aircraft turbojet engine nacelle
US10001082 Locking/unlocking device for a one-piece cowl of a thrust reverser of a turbojet engine nacelle
US10001083 Turbofan aircraft engine
US10001084 Aircraft powerplant with moveable nozzle member
US10001085 Space storable, thrust-vectorable rocket motor nozzle and related methods
US10001086 Carburetor with throttle shaft retainer
US10001087 EGR power module and method of use thereof
US10001088 Convection heating assisted engine-off natural vacuum test
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