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US10001240 Pig ramp, system and method
US10001241 Microphone stand having articulating shaft
US10001242 Stand for a portable device with a graphic user interface display
US10001243 Flexible kickstand and mounting apparatus for portable electronic device
US10001244 Robust, adjustable container holder
US10001245 Apparatus and method for coupling an end effector to a structure
US10001246 Chest-mounted support device
US10001247 Vacuum heat-insulating material, and heat-insulating container, dwelling wall, transport machine, hydrogen transport tanker, and LNG transport tanker equipped with vacuum heat-insulating material
US10001248 Light bar
US10001249 Shell integrated light-emitting diode assembly, shell integrated light-emitting diode lamp, and manufacturing method thereof
US10001250 Lighting device
US10001251 Lantern
US10001252 Expanding multi-faced work light flashlight
US10001253 Lamp for vehicle
US10001254 Illuminating device with adjustment of the optical components
US10001255 Custom printed lamp shade
US10001256 Structures subjected to thermal energy and thermal management methods therefor
US10001257 Gradient optics for even light distribution of LED light sources
US10001258 Light flux control member, light-emitting device, and illumination device
US10001259 Methods for uniform LED lighting
US10001260 Flashlight device for observing objects in a conduit
US10001261 Light source apparatus and projector
US10001262 LED retrofit lamp and process for manufacturing the same
US10001263 Fabric with embedded light emitting diodes (LED)
US10001264 Energy-saving recyclable display system
US10001265 Adjustable mounting system for a luminaire
US10001266 Trapezoidal pir sensor lens
US10001267 LED module and lighting assembly having a corresponding module
US10001268 Air-cooled LED light with separation plate
US10001270 Housings and related components for luminaires
US10001271 LED lamp forming material and light-pervious waterproof LED lamp
US10001272 Apparatus and method for close coupling of heat recovery steam generators with gas turbines
US10001273 Rotary flame heater
US10001274 Method for conducting combustion in a furnace in order to limit the production of nitrogen oxides, and installation for implementing said method
US10001275 Aimable well test burner system
US10001276 Safety device for catalytic converter
US10001277 Method for conveying impurities in pressurized fluidized bed incinerator system
US10001278 Apparatus and method for operating a gas-fired burner on liquid fuels
US10001279 Oxy boiler power plant with a heat integrated air separation unit
US10001280 Compensating for thermal expansion via controlled tube buckling
US10001281 Fuel nozzle with dual-staged main circuit
US10001282 Household appliance
US10001283 Cooking device with fat drain
US10001284 Modular vent hood blower kit for in-line or external application
US10001285 Outdoor unit of air conditioner
US10001286 Dehumidifier
US10001287 Piping stick systems
US10001288 Smart fan and ventilation system and method
US10001289 Apparatus and methods to measure economizer outdoor air fractions and fault detection diagnostics of airflow, cooling capacity, and heating capacity
US10001290 Air-conditioning apparatus control system
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