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US10001342 Modular light mountable on a handgun
US10001343 Electrical lighting circuit for a portable light
US10001344 Riser for firearms accessory rails
US10001345 Firearm accessory mount
US10001346 Inflatable blast-induced brain injury prevention device
US10001347 Ballistic resistant vehicle window insert
US10001348 Device and method for dismantling explosive devices
US10001349 Target attachment systems, main frame for receiving different target attachment systems and methods of using the same
US10001350 Shooting target assembly
US10001351 Decoy cartridge for aircraft
US10001352 Arrow shaft and arrow including the same
US10001353 Lighted nock with an external switch
US10001354 Munition
US10001355 Reduced drag projectiles
US10001356 Collision prevention device of measurer
US10001357 Coordinate measuring apparatus
US10001358 Measuring probe and measuring probe system
US10001359 Retractable index pins and methods of operating thereof
US10001360 Shape measurement device and shape measurement method
US10001361 Inclination detector and onboard apparatus
US10001362 Processing data from a distributed fibre-optic interferometric sensor system
US10001363 Common-path optical fiber-based handheld parallel optical coherence tomography (OCT) apparatus
US10001364 Holding mechanism
US10001365 Methods and systems for forming a mandrel assembly for use with a locating system
US10001366 Coating thickness inspection method and coating thickness inspection device
US10001367 Fiber optic position sensor and method for using
US10001368 Image measurement apparatus, image measurement method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
US10001369 Object-point three-dimensional measuring system using multi-camera array, and measuring method
US10001370 Measuring and marking tool
US10001371 Level
US10001372 Angular velocity detection device
US10001373 Resonator element, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object
US10001374 Micromechanical sensor and method for manufacturing a micromechanical sensor
US10001375 Sensor device
US10001376 Aircraft position monitoring system and method
US10001377 Geographic space management
US10001378 Incremental map generation, refinement and extension with GPS traces
US10001379 Itinerary generation and adjustment system
US10001380 Navigation using crowdsourcing data
US10001381 Presentation plan creation apparatus, information presentation apparatus, and presentation plan creation method
US10001382 Apparatuses, methods and systems for an eventual event calendaring platform
US10001383 Automatically orientating a map according to the map's natural viewing orientation
US10001384 Method and apparatus for the retrieval of similar places
US10001385 Online street safety map system displaying crime density and traffic accident data
US10001386 Automatic track selection for calibration of pedometer devices
US10001387 Mode-tuning sense interface
US10001388 Circuit arrangement and method for controlling a displacement measurement sensor
US10001389 Analysis of smart meter data based on frequency content
US10001390 Redundant signal capture
US10001391 Adjusting resonant frequencies based on feedback networks
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