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US10001392 Magneto-inductive flow measuring device
US10001393 Method for making resin hollow body and flow measuring device
US10001394 Thermal airflow sensor
US10001395 Method of interpreting NMR signals to give multiphase fluid flow measurements for a gas/liquid system
US10001396 Pressure-sensor apparatus, air-mass measuring apparatus, air-mass measuring system and pressure-measuring method
US10001397 Physical quantity measuring device
US10001398 Fill-level measuring device and apparatus for determining the dielectric constant
US10001399 Reducing agent tank
US10001400 Liquid-level detection device
US10001401 Configuring an electronic level gauge including position for an application
US10001402 Instrumented item stowage system with modular elements
US10001403 System and method of encoding item information from a scale in a self-service scanning solution
US10001404 Method and system for monitoring sub-synchronous torsional oscillations of a shaft line of a steam turbine
US10001405 Measurement device for obtaining amplitude information of an object
US10001406 Charge packet signal processing using pinned photodiode devices
US10001407 Optical detecting device
US10001408 Comparator device and method for measuring absorbed energy-momentum symmetry originating from an energy source
US10001409 Infrared emitter having a layered structure
US10001410 Quantitative elemental profiling in optical emission spectroscopy
US10001411 Sparkle measurement
US10001412 Waveform measurement device and pulsed-light-generating device
US10001413 Temperature sensing circuits
US10001414 Temperature sensor circuit and semiconductor device including temperature sensor circuit
US10001415 Multifunctional sensor
US10001416 Temperature sensor having calibration function according to temperature, method of operating the same, and devices including the same
US10001417 Adaptive heat flow calorimeter
US10001418 Micrometer mechanical force interface
US10001419 Spring body for a force transducer, such as a torque-and/or tension/compression-force measuring cell
US10001420 Instrumented spindle or load cell for high load, high resolution
US10001421 Method for fabricating a pressure sensor
US10001422 Method and device for sensing pain
US10001423 Pressure measurement apparatus and program for measuring pressure
US10001424 Physical quantity detector
US10001425 Portable camera controller platform for use with pipe inspection system
US10001426 Apparatus for testing water resistance of mobile terminal using reference chamber unit
US10001427 Leak detector
US10001428 System and method for multiplexed and buffered sensor arrays
US10001429 Method and device for checking the wheel suspension of a vehicle
US10001430 Environmental conditioning unit testing
US10001431 Extraction device
US10001432 Hardness test apparatus and hardness testing method
US10001433 Method for rockwell hardness testing of tubulars post wellbore installation
US10001434 Systems and methods for diagnosing a fluidics system and determining data processing settings for a flow cytometer
US10001435 Methods and apparatuses for measuring material phase properties
US10001436 In-situ measurement of corrosion in buried pipelines using vertically measured pipe-to-soil potential
US10001437 Spectroscopy for gunshot residue analysis
US10001438 Method of sensing aerosol characteristic parameter using dual-wavelength scattered signal and application thereof
US10001439 Localized surface plasmon resonance sensing chip and localized surface plasmon resonance sensing system
US10001440 Observation apparatus and observation method
US10001441 Modification processing device, modification monitoring device and modification processing method
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