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US10001442 Optical fiber-based hybrid SERS platform for in vivo detection of bio-molecules
US10001443 Heroin detection by Raman spectroscopy from impure compositions comprising an interfering fluorescent contaminant
US10001444 Surface inspecting method
US10001445 Vision system
US10001446 Core sample analysis
US10001447 Using 3D computed tomography to analyze shaped charge explosives
US10001448 Gas sensor
US10001449 Systems, devices and methods for a hydroscopic based lateral flow assay
US10001450 Nonlinear mapping technique for a physiological characteristic sensor
US10001451 Cell determination device, cell determination system, and cell determination method
US10001452 Aircraft rescue hoist rope designed for continuous inspection
US10001453 Integrated electronic device for monitoring humidity and/or corrosion
US10001454 Single-use sensors in bioreactors, biotech purification and bioprocessing
US10001456 Methods for detection in differential mobility spectrometer using a peptide metal complex
US10001457 Performance curve generation for non-destructive testing sensors
US10001458 Eddy current flaw detection device, eddy current flaw detection method, and eddy current flaw detection program
US10001459 System and method for phased array edge card
US10001460 Phasing adder and ultrasound probe
US10001461 Sensor self-test
US10001462 Method and system for detecting pesticide residue in agricultural products using mass spectrometry imaging analysis
US10001463 Dispensing needle for a fraction collector
US10001464 Beach detection sensors for vibratory separator
US10001465 Real time measurement of mud logging gas analysis
US10001466 Magnifying device for jewelry and system for use of same
US10001467 Apparatus and method for detecting microbes or bacteria
US10001468 Biomarkers for differentiating between non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
US10001469 Use of GPR83 to identify pruritus-related substances
US10001470 Method, system and composition for optically inducing cardiomyocyte contraction
US10001471 In vitro test system to evaluate xenobiotics as immune-modulators of drug transport and metabolism in human hepatocytes
US10001472 3D determination of cell chirality
US10001473 Light harvesting multichromophore compositions and methods of using the same
US10001474 Fluorogenic semiconductor nanocrystals
US10001476 Capture ligand controls, blocking probes, masking probes and methods of using the same
US10001477 Use of protein nanoparticle based hydrogel
US10001478 Heterogenous surface functionalization
US10001479 Analytical cartridge with fluid flow control
US10001480 Photo-electrochemical biosensor and semiconductor heterostructure-based sensing method
US10001481 Method for diagnosing tuberculosis disease by detecting induced markers after stimulation of T-cells with antigens
US10001482 Device for the detection of an analyte in a fluid sample
US10001483 Methods for the treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma or KSHV-induced lymphoma using immunomodulatory compounds, and uses of biomarkers
US10001484 Reagents and methods for breast cancer detection
US10001485 Methods for sensitizing a quiescent cancer stem cell to a BCR-ABL inhibitor
US10001486 Method of using differential measurement in two or more channels to improve sensitivity
US10001487 Glucose derivative, and cell imaging method and imaging agent using said derivative
US10001488 Synthesis and use of isotopically-labelled glycans
US10001489 Method for constructing a novel affinity peptide library for binding immunoglobulin G based on a protein affinity model of protein A
US10001490 Biochemical markers for pulmonary and other diseases
US10001491 Method for determining radiosensitivity
US10001492 Method for diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease
US10001493 Markers for inflammatory bowel disease
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