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US10000104 Damper with integrated electronics
US10000105 Ventilation duct for a motor vehicle
US10000106 Heating device for vehicle
US10000107 Vehicle air conditioner
US10000108 Refrigeration cycle device
US10000109 Vehicle air conditioning system
US10000110 Air conditioning system for motor vehicles
US10000111 Garnish and frame molding apparatus and method of producing a vehicle door
US10000112 Pelvic load management using integrated collapsible features in door trim panel
US10000113 Tonneau cover securing mechanism
US10000114 Truck cap with heavy duty mounting rack
US10000115 Method of operating a transmission
US10000116 Fuel filling aperture opening and closing device
US10000117 Filler neck closure assembly
US10000118 Clutch control device for four-wheel-drive vehicle
US10000119 Constant velocity drive assembly
US10000120 Work vehicle
US10000121 Vehicle computer system with transparent display
US10000122 Method for operating parallel auxiliary converters in a rail vehicle
US10000123 Hybrid vehicle
US10000124 Independent steering, power, torque control and transfer in vehicles
US10000125 Power supply apparatus and method for hybrid vehicle
US10000126 Power-module assembly and method
US10000127 Parallel charging and power supply system for pure electric vehicle
US10000128 Method and apparatus for parking lot metering using activation codes
US10000129 Electric vehicle charging via grid and engine
US10000130 Charging management system and method for charger of electric vehicle
US10000131 Systems for determining relative position and orientation of a vehicle with respect to a charging station
US10000132 Charging indicator light control
US10000133 Systems and methods for identifying an ideal operation frequency for wireless power transfer
US10000134 Wireless charging system for charging vehicular battery
US10000135 Parking assist device
US10000136 Vehicle and charging control method of the vehicle
US10000137 Hybrid vehicle with means for disconnection of a depleted auxiliary battery in order to allow for more rapid main battery charging
US10000138 Cooling device of onboard secondary battery
US10000139 Safety system of fuel cell vehicle and control method for the same
US10000140 Method of controlling air blower of fuel cell vehicle
US10000141 Method and system for controlling fuel cell vehicle
US10000142 Head and neck restraining system
US10000143 Debris catching system for a child seat
US10000144 Hopper transportable in parts and assembly method
US10000145 Air bag system for lifting trailer platforms
US10000146 Adjustable and collapsible apparatus for loading and unloading pickup truck cargo beds
US10000147 Retractable recreational vehicle skirting
US10000148 Strap winding apparatus and method
US10000149 Container-securing device
US10000150 Lighting circuit and vehicle lamp
US10000151 Motor vehicle lighting device
US10000152 External audio alert system and method for vehicular use
US10000153 System for object indication on a vehicle display and method thereof
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