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US10001494 Automatic fecal occult blood detector
US10001495 Blood factor monitoring assay and uses thereof
US10001496 Systems for allergen detection
US10001497 Diagnostic analyzers with pretreatment carousels and related methods
US10001498 Sample sorting apparatus, sample processing system, and sample sorting method
US10001499 Modular workcells for lab automation
US10001500 Method of controlling a pipetting arrangement or of producing liquid product doses
US10001501 Systems and methods for automated, customizable sample preparation for detection of metabolites and lipids
US10001502 Fastening device for an electronic component, in particular an acceleration sensor for airbag systems
US10001503 Rotation sensor
US10001504 Acceleration detecting device
US10001505 Method and electronic device for improving accuracy of measurement of motion sensor
US10001506 Adjustable tooling
US10001507 ICT probe contact improvement
US10001508 Integrated self-coining probe
US10001509 Semiconductor testing fixture and fabrication method thereof
US10001510 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10001511 Systems and methods for determining current flow through a utility asset
US10001512 Individualized self-monitoring system for transformers in power measurement installations and method of monitoring and diagnosing transformers in power measurement installations
US10001513 Electrical monitoring system
US10001514 System and method for detecting and localizing non-technical losses in an electrical power distribution grid
US10001515 Phase shift detector
US10001516 Reducing noise and enhancing readout throughput in sensor array
US10001517 Antenna system
US10001518 System and method for power transmission and distribution asset condition prediction and diagnosis
US10001519 Ground reference fault detection in circuits with multiple ground references
US10001520 System and method for detecting voltage dependence in insulation systems based on harmonic analysis
US10001521 Transistor test fixture with integrated couplers and method
US10001522 Method for predicting failure of a light-emitting diode
US10001523 Adjusting latency in a scan cell
US10001524 Semiconductor integrated circuit and test method thereof
US10001525 Semiconductor device and method for testing the same
US10001526 Self-testing ground fault circuit interrupter
US10001527 Battery-monitoring system and identifying-information setting method
US10001528 Battery deterioration degree estimating apparatus and estimating method
US10001529 Low-offset Graphene Hall sensor
US10001530 Reading circuit with automatic offset compensation for a magnetic-field sensor, and related reading method with automatic offset compensation
US10001531 Giant magneto-impedance (GMI) based sensing device for the detection of carburization in austenitic stainless steel
US10001532 Magnetic sensor device
US10001533 Magnetic property determination apparatus and magnetic property determination method
US10001534 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and radio communication device
US10001536 System and method for measuring pH using magnetic resonance
US10001537 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing apparatus
US10001538 Method and magnetic resonance system that determines operational sample points in k-space of a random undersampling scheme when acquiring magnetic resonance data
US10001539 Method for determining a type of a reconstruction of image data from a magnetic resonance measurement of an examination object by means of a magnetic resonance device
US10001540 Method for adapting the sensitivity of a sensor system
US10001541 Magnetometer and accelerometer calibration for cart navigation system
US10001542 Method for establishing direction of arrival by use of signals of opportunity
US10001543 Methods and systems for noise removal in indoor positioning
US10001544 Method and electronic device identifying indoor location
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