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US10001545 System and method for improved location accuracy
US10001546 Apparatus for monitoring aircraft position
US10001548 Amplitude envelope correction
US10001549 Method of determining the operability of a switchable reception amplifier
US10001550 Method for automatic classification of radar objects
US10001551 Mirror assembly
US10001552 Three-port piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer
US10001553 Geolocation with guided surface waves
US10001554 Radar signal processing method and apparatus
US10001555 Ranging and positioning system
US10001556 FMCW radar apparatus
US10001557 State recognizing device, state recognizing method, and recording medium
US10001558 Determining a level and flow speed of a medium
US10001559 Passive millimeter-wave detector
US10001560 Radar apparatus
US10001561 Data readout via reflected ultrasound signals
US10001562 Distance-settable photoelectric sensor
US10001563 Tracking and virtual reconstruction of activities
US10001564 System and method of collaborative positioning calibration, and method of deploying reference station
US10001565 Positioning system, onboard positioning device and positioning method thereof
US10001566 Distance factor learning device, distance factor learning method and current position calculating device
US10001567 X-ray detector, imaging apparatus and calibration method
US10001568 X-ray computed tomography apparatus, medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method
US10001569 Positron emission tomography detector assembly for dual-modality imaging
US10001570 Apparatus for high resolution PET imaging
US10001571 Fission meter and neutron detection using poisson distribution comparison
US10001572 Magneto-hydrodynamic seismic source and a method of marine seismic surveying
US10001573 Borehole flow modulator and inverted seismic source generating system
US10001574 Hermetically sealed hydrophones with very low acceleration sensitivity
US10001575 Seismic data acquisition system with selectively enabled sensor units, and associated methods
US10001576 Three-dimensional seismic acquisition system and method with dynamic resolution
US10001577 Matter detector, sensor and locator device and methods of operation
US10001578 Nuclear magnetic resonance refocusing pulses for inhomogeneous magnetic fields
US10001579 High frequency electromagnetic induction
US10001580 Method and system for broadband measurements using multiple electromagnetic receivers
US10001581 Resistivity logging tool with excitation current control
US10001582 Method for using pulsed neutron induced gamma ray measurements to determine formation properties
US10001583 Structured light projection using a compound patterned mask
US10001584 Optical film, and polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device that use this optical film
US10001585 Illuminating device
US10001586 Polarizer having quantum rod layer directly contacting a surface of a polarizing layer at an unpolarized light incident side
US10001587 Brightness enhancement film
US10001588 Enhanced, protected silver coatings on aluminum for optical mirror and method of making same
US10001589 Mask assembly, color filter substrate and method of manufacturing the same
US10001590 Optical transmission module
US10001591 Optomechanical system for injecting light, optical coupler of said system illuminating device with said system
US10001592 Backlight unit, double cone-shaped reflector, double cone-shaped reflector strip, illumination apparatus, and method of manufacturing double cone-shaped reflector
US10001593 Light fixtures with waveguides
US10001594 Lighting device and method for manufacturing the same
US10001595 Display device
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