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US10001596 Lighting device
US10001597 Multicore optical fibers and interconnection methods for the same
US10001599 Two-stage adiabatically coupled photonic systems
US10001600 Waveguide mode expander having an amorphous-silicon shoulder
US10001601 Device for coupling a plurality of different fibre modes
US10001602 Polarization-combining module
US10001603 Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer device comprising Porro prisms
US10001604 Connector-incorporating plug
US10001605 Optical fiber connector and optical fiber connection system
US10001606 Multi-function light guide socket
US10001607 Optical wiring module, optical transceiver, and optical coupling method
US10001608 Wave division multiplexer arrangement for small cell networks
US10001609 Connector assembly
US10001610 Optical module
US10001611 Optical transceiver by FOWLP and DoP multichip integration
US10001613 Methods and cables for use in fracturing zones in a well
US10001614 Hybrid fiber optic and graphene cable
US10001615 Connector part of a connector unit
US10001616 Underwater fiber optic cable with a predetermined buoyancy and associated methods
US10001617 Fiber management assemblies and network interface devices incorporating such assemblies
US10001618 Fiber optic splice protection device and method for mounting the same
US10001619 Cable assembly with a removable installation device
US10001620 Torque coupler and support point
US10001621 Focusing control device, focusing control method, focusing control program, lens device, and imaging device
US10001622 Multifunction autofocus system and method for automated microscopy
US10001623 Optical imaging system
US10001624 Annular optical element, imaging lens assembly, imaging apparatus and electronic device
US10001625 Optical image capturing system
US10001626 Optical imaging lens
US10001627 Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof
US10001628 Optical image capturing system
US10001629 Piezoelectrically actuated optical lens
US10001630 Wide-angle lens
US10001631 Projection lens for EUV microlithography, film element and method for producing a projection lens comprising a film element
US10001632 Laser microscope apparatus
US10001633 Six-piece microscope lens system
US10001634 Method for preparing for and carrying out the acquisition of image stacks of a sample from various orientation angles
US10001635 Rapid confocal microscopy to support surgical procedures
US10001636 Optical configurations for optical field mappings for back-scanned and line-scanned imagers
US10001637 Electrowetting display device and manufacturing method thereof
US10001638 Electrowetting display device
US10001639 Brick type colored pixel wall for electrowetting displays
US10001640 Relocating common connector pads in display devices
US10001641 Enhanced resolution DLP projector apparatus and method of using same
US10001642 Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
US10001643 Micromirror device and projection device
US10001645 Using a second screen as a private tracking heads-up display
US10001646 Head-up display
US10001647 Method for providing virtual image to user in head-mounted display device, machine-readable storage medium, and head-mounted display device
US10001648 Occlusion-capable augmented reality display using cloaking optics
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