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US10001649 Display device and head-mounted display apparatus
US10001650 Attachable image display device and ocular optical system
US10001651 Display device and light guide device
US10001652 Virtual image display apparatus
US10001653 Spatial image display apparatus
US10001654 Retroreflector display system for generating floating image effects
US10001655 Image display device
US10001656 Devices and methods for speckle reduction in scanning projectors
US10001657 Phosphor ceramic, encapsulated optical semiconductor element, circuit board, optical semiconductor device and light-emitting device
US10001658 Lens moving apparatus, camera module and optical appliance including the same
US10001659 Eyeglass retention device
US10001660 Methods of designing reverse geometry lenses for myopia control
US10001661 Body-mountable devices having an optical polarizer
US10001662 Method and device for treating averted gaze
US10001663 Method of determining at least one parameter of visual behaviour of an individual
US10001664 Display device
US10001665 Display device for preventing moisture infiltration
US10001666 Liquid crystal grating, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus
US10001667 Display and display apparatus using the same
US10001668 Liquid crystal panel, display apparatus and display method
US10001669 Optical member, polarizing plate set and liquid crystal display apparatus
US10001670 Supporting member for backlight unit, backlight unit and image display apparatus having the same
US10001671 Nanocrystal polymer composites and production methods thereof
US10001672 Side edge planar lighting unit
US10001673 Optical sheet member and image display device employing same
US10001674 Brightness enhancement film, optical sheet member, and liquid crystal display device
US10001675 Liquid crystal device, method of manufacturing liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
US10001676 Display device
US10001677 Self-capacitance touch display panel and display apparatus
US10001678 Liquid crystal display device and semiconductor device
US10001680 Liquid crystal display device
US10001681 Liquid crystal display device
US10001682 Electrooptic device and electronic device
US10001683 Low-profile microdisplay module
US10001684 Array substrate, display panel and display device having the same, and method thereof
US10001685 Liquid crystal display device having improved electrostatic discharge resistance
US10001686 Array substrate and fabrication method thereof, and display device
US10001687 Liquid crystal display device
US10001688 Display and pixel structure thereof
US10001689 Electrochromic multi-layer devices with composite electrically conductive layers
US10001690 Colloid electrolyte composition
US10001691 Onboard controller for multistate windows
US10001692 Electrophoretic particle, method of manufacturing electrophoretic particle, electrophoresis dispersion liquid, electrophoresis sheet, electrophoresis device, and electronic apparatus
US10001693 Light communication device, light module, and method for coupling
US10001694 High-frequency light modulator
US10001695 System for gigahertz to terahertz frequency signal generation using OPO and DFG
US10001696 Imaging apparatus
US10001697 Image capture apparatus, accessory, method for controlling them, and image capture system
US10001698 Layout hierachical structure defined in polar coordinate
US10001699 Mask blank substrate, substrate with multilayer reflection film, transmissive mask blank, reflective mask, and semiconductor device fabrication method
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