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US10001753 Device for regulating the motion of a mechanical horological movement
US10001754 Support for treating micromechanical components
US10001755 Chronograph
US10001756 Smart watch including a printed circuit board having a hole at the center
US10001757 Electronic timepiece and method for controlling display operation of electronic timepiece
US10001758 Time information receiver, radio wave correction timepiece, and time code type determination method
US10001759 Method and apparatus for automatically generating an events dictionary in an internet of things (IOT) network
US10001760 Adaptive control system capable of recovering from unexpected situations
US10001761 Power consumption model for cooling equipment
US10001762 Voltage control method and apparatus of central bus in power system
US10001763 Control device and method for controlling intelligent device
US10001764 Adaptive multiple input multiple output PID control system for industrial turbines
US10001765 Advanced identification and classification of sensors and other points in a building automation system
US10001766 Industrial control system and method for transferring data
US10001767 Programmable controller system, programmable controller, program display device, and program display method
US10001768 Item storage array for mobile base in robot assisted order-fulfillment operations
US10001769 Systems and methods for optimizing formation fracturing operations
US10001770 Processing program generation method and device
US10001771 Systems and methods for tracking teeth movement during orthodontic treatment
US10001772 Optimally scheduling of close-down process for single-arm cluster tools with wafer residency time constraints
US10001773 Optimal one-wafer scheduling of single-arm multi-cluster tools with tree-like topology
US10001774 Manufacturing supporting system, manufacturing supporting method, and manufacturing supporting program for electronic device
US10001776 Unmanned aerial vehicle flight control system
US10001777 Information presenting apparatus and information presenting method
US10001778 Velocity control for an unmanned aerial vehicle
US10001779 Automatic guided vehicle
US10001780 Systems and methods for dynamic route planning in autonomous navigation
US10001781 Travel control device and travel control method
US10001782 Target pathway generating device and driving control device
US10001783 Method for controlling a work train
US10001784 Small boat posture control apparatus
US10001785 Fluid regulator having a biased pressure sense tube
US10001786 Solenoid manifold device, controller and method of controlling a solenoid manifold
US10001787 Controller for vacuum sewage system
US10001788 Low pressure pilot operated relief valve
US10001789 Multifuncional environmental control unit
US10001790 Security system with integrated HVAC control
US10001791 Setback controls based on out-of-room presence information obtained from mobile devices
US10001792 System and method for determining occupancy schedule for controlling a thermostat
US10001793 Apparatuses and methods for providing constant current
US10001794 Soft start circuit and method for DC-DC voltage regulator
US10001795 Linear regulator with improved stability
US10001796 Low dropout linear voltage regulator with compensation
US10001797 Space and power-saving multiple output regulation circuitry
US10001798 Determining power to be supplied based on reservation information of a vehicle
US10001799 Pull-down circuitry for an apparatus
US10001800 Systems and methods for determining temperatures of integrated circuits
US10001801 Voltage providing circuit
US10001802 Accelerator pedal apparatus
US10001803 Rotation detection device and a vehicle pedal comprising such a device
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