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US10001804 Force-feedback device and method
US10001805 Portable apparatus
US10001806 Computing device with two or more display panels
US10001807 Computing device and computing system using same
US10001808 Mobile device accessory equipped to communicate with mobile device
US10001809 Flexible display device and method of controlling same
US10001810 Foldable electronic device including flexible display
US10001811 Portable information device
US10001813 Bumper deployment mechanism and electronic device using the same
US10001814 Electronic device with first body and separable second body
US10001815 Hinge device
US10001816 Modular computing device
US10001817 User interface for manipulating user interface objects with magnetic properties
US10001818 Computer with cable access door
US10001819 Dual-sided rackmount modular data processing assembly
US10001820 Telescoping enclosure for information handling system component
US10001821 Cloud management with power management support
US10001822 Integrating a power arbiter in a processor
US10001823 Communication system, communication device, and address setting method
US10001824 Power system and power allocation method thereof
US10001825 Reserve power system for data center
US10001826 Power management mechanism for data storage environment
US10001827 Power management method using fabric network and fabric network system using power management method
US10001828 Signal adapter for a display system for energy conservation
US10001829 Electronic device comprising a wake up module distinct from a core domain
US10001830 Input-output device management using dynamic clock frequency
US10001831 Determination of a zero watt state for implementation
US10001832 Augmented reality video game systems
US10001833 User input system for immersive interaction
US10001834 Calibration of multiple rigid bodies in a virtual reality system
US10001835 Head up display automatic correction method and correction system
US10001836 Finger mounted computer input device and method for making the same
US10001837 Technologies for interacting with computing devices using haptic manipulation
US10001838 Feature tracking for device input
US10001839 Gesture recognition of ink strokes
US10001840 Switch operating device, mobile device and method for operating a switch by a non-tactile push-gesture
US10001841 Mapping type three-dimensional interaction apparatus and method
US10001842 Gesture recognition device
US10001843 Modular sensing device implementing state machine gesture interpretation
US10001844 Information processing apparatus information processing method and storage medium
US10001845 3D silhouette sensing system
US10001846 Apparatus and method for automatic display control in mobile terminal
US10001847 Touch control apparatus for detecting tilt angle and axial direction of stylus and control method thereof
US10001848 Control panel, especially for an oven, and oven, especially domestic oven
US10001849 Touch panel
US10001850 Display panel and display device with narrow bezel
US10001851 Electronic device and display method
US10001852 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
US10001853 Touch grating cell and touch stereoscopic display device
US10001854 Mobile terminal and terminal operation program
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