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US10001855 Touch display device and method for driving the same
US10001856 Dynamic enablement, disablement and adjustment of offset of a periodic timing control signal
US10001857 Display apparatus and method of controlling display apparatus
US10001858 Substrate including thin film transistor for touch display
US10001859 Touch-integrated display panel and display device having the same
US10001860 Touch display panel, fabricating method thereof and driving method thereof
US10001861 Elevator with maintenance opening in the car floor
US10001862 Sensing panel and manufacturing method of the same, method for pressure detection and temperature detection
US10001863 Pressure sensing structure, pressure sensing panel and pressure sensing display device
US10001864 Method and device for locating interaction on a touch-sensitive surface
US10001867 Touch display panel and method for controlling the same, and touch display device
US10001868 Information processing method, information processing device, and electronic apparatus
US10001869 Wearable device and mobile terminal for supporting communication with the device
US10001870 In cell touch panel with uniformly-distributed grooves and display device
US10001871 Mobile device rejection of unintentional touch sensor contact
US10001872 In-cell touch screen and display device
US10001873 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
US10001874 Display device with touch detection function
US10001875 Touch panel and method of fabricating the same
US10001876 Touch display panel, and driving method and driving circuit for the same
US10001877 Semiconductor device
US10001878 Method and device for detecting fascia damage and repairing the same
US10001879 Method and device of optimizing signal-to-noise ratio parameter
US10001880 Electronic apparatus which determines effectiveness of a touch coordinate based on an amount of bend
US10001881 Touch-sensitive apparatus with improved spatial resolution
US10001882 Vibrated waveguide surface for optical touch detection
US10001883 Mechanical deflection compensation for a capacitive touch input device
US10001884 Voltage driven self-capacitance measurement
US10001885 Methods and apparatus for capacitive sensing
US10001886 Display device and method for driving the same during display period and touch period of display device
US10001887 Multi-touch touch screen and its junction area touch sensing method
US10001888 Touch sensor panel design
US10001889 Mesh electrode, sensing device, and electrode layer
US10001890 Touch tag recognizable through capacitive touch panel, information recognition method thereof and information providing method using same
US10001891 Conductive film and touch panel including the same
US10001892 Self-capacitive touch and force sensing apparatus and self-capacitive touch and force sensing method
US10001893 Touch screen and display apparatus
US10001894 Method for calibrating a resistive contact sensor
US10001895 Touch control device easy to display temperature and time and method thereof
US10001896 Gamification platform
US10001897 User interface tools for exploring data visualizations
US10001898 Automated provisioning of relational information for a summary data visualization
US10001899 Graphical user interfaces for supporting collaborative generation of life stories
US10001900 Screen reader with customizable web page output
US10001901 System and method for texturing in virtual reality and mixed reality environments
US10001902 Learning user interface
US10001903 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US10001904 Categorized and tagged video annotation
US10001905 Method for executing menu in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
US10001906 Apparatus and method for providing a visual indication of an operation
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