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US10001908 Flow state totals and auto flow warehousing
US10001909 Touch optimizations for range slider controls
US10001910 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof for creating shortcut of executing application
US10001911 Establishing a communication link between plural participants based on preferences
US10001912 Robot operation apparatus, robot system, and robot operation program
US10001913 Shared workspaces with selective content item synchronization
US10001914 Method and apparatus for causing a deformation representation
US10001915 Methods and devices for object selection in a computer
US10001916 Directional interface for streaming mobile device content to a nearby streaming device
US10001917 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
US10001918 Method and system for providing a specialized computer input device
US10001919 Apparatus for providing integrated functions of dial and calculator and method thereof
US10001920 Symbol lists for grammar-driven data entry
US10001921 Data migration method and data migration device
US10001922 High performance optical storage system for protection against concurrent data loss
US10001923 Generation collapse
US10001924 Efficient and dynamically sized reverse map to handle variable size data
US10001925 Method to improve page out mechanism with compressed memory pools
US10001926 Management of extents for space efficient storage volumes by reusing previously allocated extents
US10001927 Techniques for optimizing I/O operations
US10001928 Memory management method, memory control circuit unit and memory storage device
US10001929 Method and systems for simulating a workload of a storage system
US10001930 High-efficient packet I/O engine for commodity PC
US10001931 Shifting wearout of storage disks
US10001932 Enhanced redundant caching for shingled magnetic recording devices in data storage drive assemblies
US10001933 Offload pipeline for data copying
US10001934 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
US10001935 Use of auxiliary data protection software in failover operations
US10001936 Semiconductor device and method of controlling semiconductor device
US10001937 Memory system and operating method thereof
US10001938 Systems and methods for optimized utilization of storage resources based on performance and power characteristics
US10001939 Method and apparatus for highly available storage management using storage providers
US10001941 Graphics processing systems
US10001942 Asynchronous semi-inline deduplication
US10001943 Data stream processor and method to throttle consumption of message data in a distributed computing system
US10001944 Systems and methods for data organization in storage systems using large erasure codes
US10001945 Method of storing data and data storage managing server
US10001946 Method and system for garbage collection in a storage system based on longevity of stored data
US10001947 Systems, methods and devices for performing efficient patrol read operations in a storage system
US10001948 Buffer circuit with data bit inversion
US10001949 Transactional memory management techniques
US10001950 Maintaining storage thresholds in a distributed storage network
US10001951 Path selection in a data storage system
US10001952 Data storage device and operating method thereof including read error correction
US10001953 System for configuring partitions within non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM) as a replacement for traditional mass storage
US10001954 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium to identify a function of a register printing apparatus based on printing apparatus type and to display a print screen based on identified function
US10001955 Method of handling a print job submitted to a cloud printing service, and associated user credentials, for processing by an authenticated printing system and system for performing the method
US10001956 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
US10001957 Image forming apparatus having a plurality of communication interfaces, and method for managing image forming of image data from different communication interfaces, and computer-readable medium therefor
US10001958 Management apparatus, control method for the management apparatus, and storage medium
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