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US10001959 User interface for redirection of print jobs
US10001960 Display panel, display device, and illumination device
US10001961 Display device, display system, method for controlling display device, and method for controlling electronic apparatus
US10001962 Control method, control apparatus, and electronic device
US10001963 Dynamic random access memory
US10001964 Systems, methods, and devices for handling Wi-Fi and bluetooth audio
US10001965 Playback system join with base
US10001966 Systems and methods for sequencing audio communications
US10001967 Account aware media preferences
US10001968 Monitor mixing apparatus that presents each musician with summary control of both their contributed channels and the remaining channels, for rapid and accurate sound balance
US10001969 Identification of audio content facilitated by playback device
US10001970 Dialog server for handling conversation in virtual space method and computer program for having conversation in virtual space
US10001971 Electronic apparatus having parallel memory banks
US10001972 Random IP generation method and apparatus
US10001973 Method and system for improving testing services in a project testing environment
US10001974 Technical building block
US10001975 Integrated system for software application development
US10001976 Generation of a device application
US10001977 System and method for identifying operations based on selected data
US10001978 Type inference optimization
US10001979 Avoiding guard test invalidation for virtual and interface calls
US10001981 Autonomous server installation
US10001982 Imposing a common build system for services from disparate sources
US10001983 Rolling version update deployment utilizing dynamic node allocation
US10001984 Identification of software updates using source code execution paths
US10001986 Updating software instances
US10001987 Method for updating a firmware file of an input/output module
US10001988 Compatibility module to support an automotive system upgrade
US10001989 Verifying source code in disparate source control systems
US10001990 Method and system for enhancing application container and host operating system security in a multi-tenant computing environment
US10001991 Data processing device
US10001992 Method, information processing apparatus, and medium
US10001993 Variable-length instruction buffer management
US10001994 Data processing apparatus and method for performing scan operations omitting a further step
US10001995 Packed data alignment plus compute instructions, processors, methods, and systems
US10001996 Selective poisoning of data during runahead
US10001997 Prioritizing instructions based on type
US10001998 Dynamically enabled branch prediction
US10001999 System and method for configuring a plurality of registers with soft error detection and low wiring complexity
US10002000 Trace-assisted startup optimization from a virtual disk
US10002001 Importing a virtual disk image into a compute service environment
US10002002 Communication of device presence between boot routine and operating system
US10002003 Method for presenting initialization progress of hardware in server, and server
US10002004 Stream computing application shutdown and restart without data loss
US10002005 Displaying data related to media content
US10002006 System and method for configuring plural software profiles
US10002007 Operating system (OS) independent device drivers
US10002008 Manual, a method, apparatus and a computer program product for configuring a frequency converter
US10002009 Electronic device performing emulation-based forensic analysis and method of performing forensic analysis using the same
US10002010 Multi-byte compressed string representation
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