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US10000154 Vehicle camera system having live video indication
US10000155 Method and device for reproducing a lateral and/or rear surrounding area of a vehicle
US10000156 Vehicle mirror mount assembly
US10000157 Controlling dimming of mirrors or displays using dual-function lighting
US10000158 Bag for storing and holding electronic and non-electronic items
US10000159 Storage bin system for a motor vehicle
US10000160 Vehicle article carrier with integrated camera and solar powered lighting
US10000161 Mounting structure for truck box side
US10000162 Speaker device for vehicle, and vehicle having the speaker device
US10000163 Apparatus and method for restoring a camera mounting to a calibrated position
US10000164 Vehicle camera peripheral
US10000165 Pickup truck mounted toolbox
US10000166 Scoop for a water container built into the dividing wall
US10000167 Wire harness
US10000168 Vehicle electrical system and method for operating a vehicle electrical system
US10000169 Power control apparatus, vehicle having the same, and method of controlling vehicle
US10000170 Bumper beam with embossed cover
US10000171 Vehicle energy-absorbing device
US10000172 Detecting hazards in anticipation of opening vehicle doors
US10000174 Head protection airbag device
US10000175 Driver airbag cover with emblem
US10000176 Vehicle seat part
US10000177 Airbag module
US10000178 Vehicle curtain airbag device
US10000179 Airbag, airbag device, and automobile
US10000180 Pedestrian protection airbag device
US10000181 Pretensioner and safety belt assembly including the same
US10000182 Buckle device
US10000183 Belt retractor and method for tightening an unused vehicle belt
US10000184 Webbing take-up device
US10000185 Pressure unit and end fitting having a pressure unit of this type
US10000186 Belt assembly including plus-two-point belt reminder
US10000187 Vehicle communication system, in-vehicle device, portable device, and computer program
US10000188 Robotic vehicle with integrated mobility enhancement and mast deployment
US10000189 Hydraulic jack retrofit for trailer
US10000190 Cooling device, and steering bogie and vehicle provided with same
US10000191 Brake system and method for controlling a brake system
US10000192 Electro-mechanical brake for increasing braking force
US10000193 Integrated dynamic brake apparatus
US10000194 Method, controller and system for monitoring brake operation
US10000195 Bicycle control apparatus
US10000196 Apparatus and method for controlling torque reduction of hybrid electric vehicle
US10000197 Mild hybrid powertrain controls
US10000198 Control system and control method
US10000199 Hybrid electric vehicle, drive control method and device of the same
US10000200 Torque reserve in a hybrid system
US10000201 Driving mode control method and apparatus of hybrid electric vehicle
US10000202 Device and method for controlling running mode of hybrid electric vehicle
US10000203 EV mode shift strategy for hybrid vehicle
US10000204 Apparatus and method for learning touch point of engine clutch of hybrid electric vehicle
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