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US10002011 Centralized networking configuration in distributed systems
US10002012 Virtualization event processing in a layered virtualization architecture
US10002013 Obtaining virtual machine images from virtualization environments
US10002014 Management of a virtual machine in a virtualized computing environment based on a fabric limit
US10002015 Delayed boot of a virtual machine in a virtualized computing environment based on a fabric limit
US10002016 Configuration of virtual machines in view of response time constraints
US10002018 Migrating single root I/O virtualization adapter configurations in a computing system
US10002019 System and method for assigning a transaction to a serialized execution group based on an execution group limit for parallel processing with other execution groups
US10002020 Call stack maintenance for a transactional data processing execution mode
US10002021 Deferred preemption techniques for scheduling graphics processing unit command streams
US10002023 Method and apparatus for managing one or more tasks of a many-core system using one or more task descriptor entries
US10002024 Method and system for dynamic pool reallocation
US10002025 Computer system and load leveling program
US10002026 Acquisition and maintenance of dedicated, reserved, and variable compute capacity
US10002027 Network congestion reduction
US10002028 Dynamic feedback load balancing
US10002029 Automated transfer of neural network definitions among federated areas
US10002031 Low overhead thread synchronization using hardware-accelerated bounded circular queues
US10002032 System and method for automatic generation of service-specific data conversion templates
US10002033 Efficiently receiving messages across a large number of messaging entities
US10002034 System and method for detecting, collecting, analyzing, and communicating event-related information
US10002035 Visual selection and rendering of multiple clip board formats
US10002036 System, method and computer program product for sharing information in a distributed framework
US10002038 Network re-timer with forward error correction handling
US10002039 Predicting the reliability of large scale storage systems
US10002040 Detection and automatic transfer of standalone system dumps
US10002041 System and method for maintaining the health of a machine
US10002042 Systems and methods of detecting errors during read operations and skipping word line portions
US10002043 Memory devices and modules
US10002045 Semiconductor memory devices having input/output gating circuit and memory systems including the same
US10002046 Zero-one balance management in a solid-state disk controller
US10002047 Read-if-not-revision-equals protocol message
US10002048 Point-in-time snap copy management in a deduplication environment
US10002049 Apparatus and method for managing data storage
US10002050 Systems and methods for improving rehydration performance in data deduplication systems
US10002051 Data boundary identification for identifying variable size data chunks
US10002052 Systems, methods, and computer products for replication of disk sectors of a target machine
US10002053 Optimized index usage for data restore
US10002054 Method and system for performing automatic system recovery
US10002055 Efficient repair of B+ tree databases with variable-length records
US10002056 Integrated circuit chip with cores asymmetrically oriented with respect to each other
US10002057 Method and apparatus for managing mismatches within a multi-threaded lockstep processing system
US10002058 Method and system for providing disaster recovery services using elastic virtual computing resources
US10002059 System and method for assigning memory available for high availability failover to virtual machines
US10002060 Matrix circuit detecting failure location in common signal
US10002061 USB interface detector
US10002062 Quasi disk drive for testing disk interface performance
US10002063 Monitoring performance of multithreaded workloads
US10002064 Static analysis based efficient elimination of false positive
US10002065 Pattern oriented data collection and analysis
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