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US10002066 Targeted multi-tiered software stack serviceability
US10002067 Systems and methods for performing integration testing of an information technology (IT) infrastructure
US10002068 Test case reduction in application binary interface (ABI) compatibility testing
US10002069 Automated testing of application program interface
US10002070 System and method for altering functionality of an application
US10002071 Method and a system for automating test environment operational activities
US10002072 Method and apparatus for controlling data migration in multi-channel memory device
US10002073 Selective data recycling in non-volatile memory
US10002074 Non-intrusive storage of garbage collector-specific management data
US10002075 Managing memory resources in a network environment in order to handle querying of logical data structures
US10002076 Shared cache protocol for parallel search and replacement
US10002077 Persistent memory controller based atomicity assurance
US10002078 Information processing apparatus, parallel computer system, and control method for controlling information processing apparatus
US10002079 Method of predicting a datum to be preloaded into a cache memory
US10002080 Memory system address modification policies
US10002081 Apparatus for hardware implementation of heterogeneous decompression processing
US10002082 Method and apparatus for cyclical key-off file replacement
US10002083 Determining whether a data storage is encrypted
US10002084 Memory management in virtualized computing systems having processors with more than two hierarchical privilege levels
US10002085 Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) device and system including the PCI
US10002086 Multi-channel memory operations based on bit error rates
US10002087 Communication between an external processor and FPGA controller
US10002088 Method and apparatus for improving decreasing presentation latency in response to receipt of latency reduction mode signal
US10002089 Interrupt-controlled direct memory access peripheral data transfer
US10002090 Method for improving the performance of synchronous serial interfaces
US10002091 Master/slave management for redundant process controller modules
US10002092 Arithmetic processing unit, and method of controlling arithmetic processing unit
US10002093 Configuring multi-line serial computer expansion bus communication links using bifurcation settings
US10002094 Method for providing a generic interface and microcontroller having a generic interface
US10002095 High performance interconnect physical layer
US10002096 Flow control in a parallel processing environment
US10002097 Computer system and a computer device
US10002098 Methods and systems for sharing information between processors
US10002099 Arbitrated access to resources among multiple devices
US10002101 Methods and apparatus for equalization of a high speed serial bus
US10002102 Low-pin microcontroller device with multiple independent microcontrollers
US10002103 Low-pin microcontroller device with multiple independent microcontrollers
US10002104 Dual autonomous telemetry data acquisition system and real time opto-isolated receivers for use therewith
US10002105 Display device
US10002106 Handshaking method of hybrid hard-disk drive
US10002107 Systems and methods for removing unwanted interactions in quantum devices
US10002108 Processing device for performing convolution operations
US10002109 Systems and methods of correlating satellite position data with terrestrial features
US10002110 Correction arithmetic circuit and a signal processor
US10002111 Mobile terminal with dual displays for displaying differing amounts of information
US10002112 Methods and apparatus for obtaining flight data for electronic logbook and graphical summary presentation
US10002113 Accessing related application states from a current application state
US10002114 Generating interactive electronic documents
US10002115 Hybrid rendering of a web page
US10002116 System and method for citation processing presentation, and transport
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