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US10002117 Translating annotation tags into suggested markup
US10002118 Automated form layout based upon usage patterns
US10002119 Aggregation and tracked changes of information from multiple databases using unique identification method
US10002120 Computer implemented systems and methods for data usage monitoring
US10002121 Intelligent presentation of documents
US10002122 Forming knowledge information based on a predetermined threshold of a concept and a predetermined threshold of a target word extracted from a document
US10002123 Named entity extraction from a block of text
US10002124 Class-narrowing for type-restricted answer lookups
US10002125 Language model personalization
US10002126 Business intelligence data models with concept identification using language-specific clues
US10002127 Connecting people based on content and relational distance
US10002128 System for tokenizing text in languages without inter-word separation
US10002129 System and method for extracting information from unstructured text
US10002130 Conversational agent
US10002132 User interface for realtime language translation
US10002133 Automated dynamic reprioritization of presentation materials
US10002134 Placard-to-pin interaction
US10002135 Simplifying the check-in of checked-out files in an ECM system
US10002136 Media label propagation in an ad hoc network
US10002137 Efficient data storage utilization and recycling by gradual data degradation
US10002138 Managing spot blocks
US10002139 Work package management
US10002140 Geographical location search using multiple data sources
US10002142 Method and apparatus for generating schema of non-relational database
US10002143 Computer implemented method for storing unlimited amount of data as a mind map in relational database systems
US10002144 Identification of distinguishing compound features extracted from real time data streams
US10002145 Declaring directives in a data store
US10002147 Merging of sorted lists using array pair
US10002148 Memory-aware joins based in a database cluster
US10002149 Relevance ranking for data and transformations
US10002150 Conflict resolution for a multi-user CAx environment
US10002152 Client computer for updating a database stored on a server via a network
US10002153 Remote data object publishing/subscribing system having a multicast key-value protocol
US10002154 Computer data system data source having an update propagation graph with feedback cyclicality
US10002156 Version management for incrementally compiled map data
US10002157 Automatic conflict resolution during software catalog import
US10002158 Apparatus and method for processing a query
US10002159 Method and system for translating user keywords into semantic queries based on a domain vocabulary
US10002160 Parallelizable gridded geospatial join (PGGJ)
US10002161 Multithreading and concurrency control for a rule-based transaction engine
US10002162 Supplementing a tuple with a derived value
US10002163 Managing sharable cell-based analytical notebooks
US10002164 Systems and methods for context based search of simulation objects
US10002165 Holistic federated ranking algorithm
US10002166 Optimize follower and search relevancy ratio
US10002167 Search-on-the-fly/sort-on-the-fly by a search engine directed to a plurality of disparate data sources
US10002168 Suggesting search results to users before receiving any search query from the users
US10002169 Searching data based on entities related to the data
US10002171 Flexible database schema
US10002172 System and method for integrating business logic into a hot/cold prediction
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