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US10002174 System and method for maintaining device state coherency
US10002175 Hybrid OLTP and OLAP high performance database system
US10002176 Data analysis engine
US10002177 Crowdsourced analysis of decontextualized data
US10002178 Storage cluster data shifting
US10002179 Detection and creation of appropriate row concept during automated model generation
US10002180 Landmark point selection
US10002181 Real-time tagger
US10002182 System and method for computerized identification and effective presentation of semantic themes occurring in a set of electronic documents
US10002183 Resource efficient document search
US10002184 Methods and systems for identification and correction of controlled system data
US10002185 Context-aware cognitive processing
US10002186 System and method for precise quantile determination
US10002187 Method and system for performing topic creation for social data
US10002188 Automatic prioritization of natural language text information
US10002189 Method and apparatus for searching using an active ontology
US10002190 Medical treatment device with speaker sound detection
US10002191 Methods, systems, and media for generating search results based on contextual information
US10002192 Systems and methods for organizing and analyzing audio content derived from media files
US10002193 Implementation of data protection policies in ETL landscapes
US10002194 Event location with social network integration
US10002195 System and method for providing time-based content
US10002196 Systems and methods for paragraph-based document searching
US10002197 Media acquisition engine and method
US10002198 Mobile taxi dispatch system
US10002199 Mobile device with localized app recommendations
US10002201 Named URL entry
US10002202 Realtime websites with publication and subscription
US10002203 Service desk data transfer interface
US10002204 Automated enterprise dynamics system
US10002205 Efficient method for indexing data transferred between machines in distributed graph processing systems
US10002206 Information processing device and information processing method
US10002207 Systems and methods for optimizing production of packaging products
US10002209 Method for modelling a part, in particular a blading
US10002210 Simulation model generation method for filler mixed material
US10002211 Artifact reduction in iterative inversion of geophysical data
US10002212 Virtual power management multiprocessor system simulation
US10002213 System and method for verifying the deterministic starting state of a digital device
US10002214 Host materials and ligands for dopants in organic light emitting diodes
US10002215 Arrayed imaging systems having improved alignment and associated methods
US10002216 Systems and methods for dynamic regression test generation using coverage-based clustering
US10002217 Region based device bypass in circuit simulation
US10002218 Verification of a multichip coherence protocol
US10002219 Method for placing parallel multiplier
US10002220 On the fly netlist compression in power analysis
US10002221 Enhanced parameter tuning for very-large-scale integration synthesis
US10002222 System and method for perforating redundant metal in self-aligned multiple patterning
US10002223 Method of designing layout of semiconductor device
US10002224 Interactive routing of connections in circuit using auto welding and auto cloning
US10002225 Static timing analysis with improved accuracy and efficiency
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