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US10002226 Realistic roadway virtualization system
US10002227 System and method for registration in orthopaedic applications
US10002228 Method for binding site identification by molecular dynamics simulation (silcs: site identification by ligand competitive saturation)
US10002229 Automatic threshold setting and baseline determination for real-time PCR
US10002230 Screening, diagnosis and prognosis of autism and other developmental disorders
US10002231 Simplifying residue relationships in protein design
US10002232 Biological sample analysis system and method
US10002234 Medication packaging method and system
US10002235 Medical device management and theft inhibitor techniques
US10002236 Controlling use of shared content items based on client device
US10002237 System and method for parts-based digital rights management
US10002238 Enabling enforcement of licensing terms in distributing content in containers by including a key in the container containing the pertinent licensing terms
US10002239 Data protection systems and methods
US10002240 Conducting a sequence of surveys using a challenge-response test
US10002241 Managing data to diminish cross-context analysis
US10002242 Electronic device access control using biometric technologies
US10002243 System and method for powering on electronic devices
US10002244 Utilization of biometric data
US10002245 Hacking-resistant computer design
US10002246 Hardware isolated secure processing system within a secure element
US10002247 Software container registry container image deployment
US10002248 Mobile device data security system
US10002249 Systems, methods, and media for outputting data based on anomaly detection
US10002250 Security agent
US10002251 Bootstrap OS protection and recovery
US10002252 Verification of trusted threat-aware microvisor
US10002253 Execution of test inputs with applications in computer security assessment
US10002254 Systems and methods for SQL type evaluation to detect evaluation flaws
US10002255 Method and device for controlling security screen in electronic device
US10002256 Symbol string matching mechanism
US10002257 Cryptographic key loader embedded in removable data cartridge
US10002259 Information security/privacy in an always listening assistant device
US10002260 Sharing content
US10002261 Input/output module, data processing apparatus and method for checking the operation of a data processing apparatus
US10002262 Device and method for generating identification key by using semiconductor process
US10002263 Communications bus line isolator
US10002264 Storage device and method for location based protection of data in a portable storage device
US10002265 Storage system and method for providing gray levels of read security
US10002266 RFID tag clock frequency reduction during tuning
US10002267 Method and apparatus for checking value documents
US10002268 Identification of desired clock rate for an externally-driven processing device
US10002269 Mobile handheld antenna for reading tags
US10002270 Adaptive processing of radio frequency identification
US10002271 Data reading system and method for multi-view imaging using an adjustable mirror
US10002272 Apparatus having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array
US10002273 Graphical user interface features for a mobile device coupled to a barcode scanner
US10002274 Handheld indicia reader having locking endcap
US10002275 Optical element having two phase masks
US10002276 Barcode-reading device and machine including such a device for automated analysis of a sample
US10002277 Reader device for reading a marking comprising a physical unclonable function
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