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US10002278 Sensor screen and display device including the same
US10002279 Detection method and device for detecting fingerprint
US10002280 System and method for controlling a signal in a fingerprint sensing device
US10002281 Fingerprint identification module
US10002282 System and method of capturing and producing biometric-matching quality fingerprints and other types of dactylographic images with a mobile device
US10002283 Mobile device and screen module thereof, method and apparatus for acquiring fingerprint and electronic device
US10002284 Iterative matching method and system for partial fingerprint verification
US10002285 Fast, high-accuracy, large-scale fingerprint verification system
US10002287 Biometric identification and verification
US10002288 Facial identification techniques
US10002289 Moving body tracking method and moving body tracking device
US10002290 Learning device and learning method for object detection
US10002291 Method and system of identifying fillable fields of an electronic form
US10002292 Organizational logo enrichment
US10002293 Image collection with increased accuracy
US10002294 Image monitoring system and image monitoring program
US10002295 Real property image analysis system to identify similar properties
US10002296 Video classification method and apparatus
US10002297 Active presence detection with depth sensing
US10002298 Method and control and recording device for the plausibility checking for the wrong-way travel of a motor vehicle
US10002299 Information presentation device, on-vehicle device, information presentation system, and information presentation method
US10002300 Apparatus and method for monitoring driver's concentrativeness using eye tracing
US10002301 System, apparatus, and method for arabic handwriting recognition
US10002302 Method of host-directed illumination and system for conducting host-directed illumination
US10002303 System and method for detecting duplicate documents
US10002304 Image processing device that reads image of original while emitting light toward original
US10002305 Fisheye image display method
US10002306 Merging overlapping broken lines of a table
US10002307 Suggestion generation based on data extraction
US10002308 Positioning method and apparatus using positioning models
US10002309 Real-time object analysis with occlusion handling
US10002310 Method and apparatus for organizing media content
US10002311 Generating an enriched knowledge base from annotated images
US10002312 Systems and methods for applying a convolutional network to spatial data
US10002313 Deeply learned convolutional neural networks (CNNS) for object localization and classification
US10002314 Information processing apparatus for efficiently issuing a print instruction to image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
US10002315 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
US10002316 Spatially addressable molecular barcoding
US10002317 Label with graphene layer and system for authentication of label
US10002318 Transaction card having internal lighting
US10002320 Transaction card having structural reinforcement
US10002321 Connectable devices and initiation mechanisms
US10002322 Systems and methods for predicting transactions
US10002323 Approximate assignment operator for constrained based evolutionary search
US10002324 Method for determining data quality in a knowledge management system
US10002325 Knowledge representation systems and methods incorporating inference rules
US10002326 Compilation of finite automata based on memory hierarchy
US10002327 Systems, methods, devices and arrangements for emergency call services and emergency broadcasts
US10002328 Electron spin-based information shuttling for a computer system
US10002329 Selection and modification of features used by one or more machine learned models used by an online system
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