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US10002330 Context based co-operative learning system and method for representing thematic relationships
US10002331 Order fulfillment systems
US10002332 Methods and systems for resource and organization achievement
US10002333 System and methods for verifying that one or more directives that direct transport of a second end user
US10002334 Analytical method, system and computer readable medium to provide high quality agent leads to general agents
US10002335 Dynamic workflow for remote devices
US10002336 Visualizers for change management system
US10002337 Method for collaborative shopping
US10002338 Method and score management node for supporting service evaluation
US10002339 Post-disaster assessment systems and methods
US10002340 Concepts for electronic door hangers
US10002341 Systems and methods for returning one or more items via an attended delivery/pickup location
US10002342 Bin content determination using automated aerial vehicles
US10002343 System and method for catalog image generation
US10002344 System and method for retail store promotional price tag detection
US10002345 Conferencing auto agenda planner
US10002347 Methods and systems for node-based website design
US10002348 Routing and processing of payment transactions
US10002349 System and method for evaluating transaction patterns
US10002350 Methods for secure transactions
US10002351 Systems and methods for processing transactions using a wallet
US10002352 Digital wallet exposure reduction
US10002353 Methods and systems for conducting transactions
US10002354 Multi currency exchanges between participants
US10002355 Licensed media in a remote storage media consumption service
US10002356 Location augmented biotransaction systems and methods
US10002357 Wi-Fi location based application download and discovery
US10002358 Automated merchant authority
US10002361 Remote supervision of client device activity
US10002362 Composite security marking
US10002363 Peer-to-peer quorum sensing
US10002364 Consumption-driven forecasting using multi-level heterogeneous input data
US10002365 Methods and apparatus to identify publisher advertising behavior
US10002366 Systems and methods for transaction processing using various value types
US10002368 System and method for recommending advertisement placements online in a real-time bidding environment
US10002369 Detecting content and user response to content
US10002370 Systems and methods for creating a navigable path between pages of a network platform based on linking database entries of the network platform
US10002371 System, method, and computer program product for searching summaries of online reviews of products
US10002372 Duplicate check based on generated hash value
US10002373 Systems and methods for proactively loading content to a device
US10002374 Dynamic group formation for electronically collaborative group events
US10002375 Hashtag shopping and rating
US10002376 Systems and methods of uniform remote sizing and selling of articles such as footwear and other apparel
US10002377 Infrared driven item recommendations
US10002378 Informing customers regarding items on their shopping list
US10002379 Power tool and sales system therefor
US10002380 Beacon service method and device
US10002381 Methods, systems and machines for identifying geospatial compatibility between consumers and providers of goods or services
US10002384 Automated card notification system and method
US10002385 Managing the execution of trades between market makers
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