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US10002387 Pre-contracted, staged, currency exchange system
US10002388 Risk mitigation in an electronic trading system
US10002390 Mapping pension planning to a metaphor
US10002391 Method for detecting and preventing fraudulent healthcare claims
US10002392 Database system and object manipulation representing placement layers and parts
US10002393 Systems and methods for supporting a testing environment for a website
US10002394 Roadside reporter system
US10002395 Interactive mapping system for user experience augmentation
US10002396 System and method for transitioning from a first site to a second site
US10002397 Apportioning shared financial expenses
US10002398 System for facilitating real estate transaction
US10002399 Preferential pricing, system and method
US10002400 Method and apparatus for dynamic generation of vector graphics
US10002401 Method and apparatus for efficient processing of graphics commands
US10002402 Learning convolution neural networks on heterogeneous CPU-GPU platform
US10002403 Command remoting
US10002404 Optimizing shading process for mixed order-sensitive and order-insensitive shader operations
US10002405 Smart optimization of unused graphics buffer memory in computing environments
US10002406 Consistent spherical photo and video orientation correction
US10002407 Method and apparatus for enhancing 3D model resolution
US10002408 Restoring color and infrared images from mosaic data
US10002409 Image signal providing apparatus and image signal providing method
US10002410 Method and system for enhancement of cell analysis
US10002411 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for estimating blur
US10002412 Image processing device that removes haze from image
US10002413 Recovering planar projections
US10002414 Image processing apparatus and an image processing program
US10002415 Utilizing deep learning for rating aesthetics of digital images
US10002416 Inventory, growth, and risk prediction using image processing
US10002417 Ready for rotation state detection device, method of detecting ready for rotation state and substrate processing apparatus
US10002418 Laser beam welding diagnosis apparatus and laser beam welding diagnosis method
US10002419 Direct computation of image-derived biomarkers
US10002420 Model-based segmentation of an anatomical structure
US10002422 Ultrasound image processing apparatus and medium
US10002423 Medical image processing apparatus, medical image processing method, and medical image processing system
US10002424 Image processing system and method to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) anatomical surface
US10002425 Method of segmenting single neuron images with high-dynamic-range thresholds and computer readable storage medium thereof
US10002426 System for cancer diagnosis
US10002427 Method for characterizing images acquired through a video medical device
US10002428 Method and system for identifying bleeding
US10002429 Apparatus and method for notifying a virtual reality user of real world objects
US10002430 Training system for infield training of a vision-based object detector
US10002431 Locating a feature for robotic guidance
US10002432 Method and apparatus for rendering target fluid
US10002433 Boundary line recognition apparatus and branch road determination apparatus
US10002434 Document region detection
US10002435 Detecting motion in images
US10002436 Image processing device, image processing method, and solid-state imaging device
US10002437 Method and electronic device of identifying redundant data
US10002438 Rapid image registration
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