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US10002439 Three-dimensional measurement system and method thereof
US10002440 Method for measuring depth of field and image pickup device using same
US10002441 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
US10002442 Placement of augmented reality objects using a guide marker
US10002443 Dynamic rendering of graphics
US10002444 System, method and computer-accessible medium for joint magnetic resonance-positron emission tomography reconstruction using multi-sensor compressed sensing
US10002445 System and method for resolving artifacts in four-dimensional angiographic data
US10002446 Image processing apparatus and method of operation of the same
US10002447 System and method for computed tomography
US10002448 Producing glyph distance fields
US10002449 Responsive and adaptive chart controls
US10002450 Analyzing a document that includes a text-based visual representation
US10002451 Text-based image resizing
US10002452 Systems and methods for automatic application of special effects based on image attributes
US10002453 System and method for displaying and manipulating a floor layout display on a computer
US10002454 Reactive overlays of multiple representations using augmented reality
US10002455 Optimized depth buffer cache apparatus and method
US10002456 Water surface rendering in virtual environment
US10002457 Image rendering apparatus and method
US10002458 Data plot processing
US10002459 Image processing apparatus
US10002460 Method and apparatus for estimating body shape
US10002461 Subdivision exterior calculus for geometry processing
US10002462 Information providing method and information providing vehicle therefor
US10002463 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium, for enabling accurate detection of a color
US10002464 Light field light source orientation method for augmented reality and virtual reality and front-end device
US10002465 Creation of bounding boxes on a 3D modeled assembly
US10002466 Method and system for providing autonomous car errands
US10002467 Apparatus and method of error monitoring with a diagnostic module
US10002468 Systems and methods for updating non-networked autonomous devices
US10002469 Inclinometer methods and systems for generating and calibrating an in-vehicle inclination angle
US10002470 Method and apparatus for predictive driving demand modeling
US10002471 Systems and methods for autonomous vehicle navigation
US10002472 Methods and apparatus for operating flight control systems of aircrafts
US10002473 Method and system for receiving and displaying user preferences corresponding to a vehicle event
US10002474 Access control based on rhythmic pattern repetition
US10002475 Intrusion security device with SMS based notification and control
US10002476 Smart barrier system
US10002477 Electronic delivery of admission tickets direct to a purchaser
US10002478 Identification and authentication in a shared acoustic space
US10002479 End to end system for service delivery to and from a vehicle using a dongle
US10002480 Apparatus and methods for entry control over a cellular network
US10002481 Vote casting system and method
US10002482 Coin-roll ejecting device, money processing machine and coin-roll ejection method
US10002483 Method of forming and visualizing latent image
US10002484 Paper sheet processing apparatus and paper sheet processing system
US10002485 Paper sheet processing apparatus and paper sheet processing system
US10002486 Vending machine
US10002487 Dispensing apparatus for dispensing a food product
US10002488 Electronic gaming device with call tower functionality
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