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US10002489 Controlling autostereoscopic game symbol sets
US10002490 Method and apparatus for using conditional parameters to alternate between wagering games
US10002491 Controlling gaming effects on available presentation devices of gaming network nodes
US10002492 Method of modifying a primary game of an existing legacy gaming machine to include secondary game features
US10002493 Asynchronous group play method for online casino game
US10002494 Multi-player bingo game with progressive jackpots
US10002495 Side pool interleaved wagering system
US10002496 Gaming system and method providing a keno game including an object removal feature that may trigger a secondary award
US10002497 Methods and apparatus for redeeming an entitlement
US10002498 Method and apparatus for improved sales program and user interface
US10002499 Distribution of audible notifications in a control room
US10002500 Emergency inflatable signal locator
US10002501 Electronic device
US10002502 Apparatus, systems, and methods for signal localization and differentiation
US10002503 Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
US10002504 System and method of providing intelligent system trouble notifications using localization
US10002505 Systems and methods for protecting retail display merchandise from theft
US10002506 Security system with kill switch functionality
US10002507 Integrated security network
US10002508 Pneumatic fire detectors
US10002510 System and methods for detecting, confirming, classifying, and monitoring a fire
US10002511 Walker alert device
US10002512 System and method for object entry and egress control in a predefined area
US10002513 Footwear arrangement with battery and anti-theft protection
US10002514 Machine tool having function of monitoring sealing of control panel
US10002516 Umbrella with wireless tether
US10002517 Devices, systems, and methods for adherence monitoring and devices, systems, and methods for monitoring use of consumable dispensers
US10002518 System and method of biological and germ cross contamination control
US10002519 Distressed aircraft notification and tracking system
US10002521 Suppressing nuisance alarms of a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) surveillance system
US10002522 Information processing apparatus and transmission control method
US10002524 Method and apparatus for controlling devices in home network system
US10002525 Method and device for the remote control of a function of a vehicle
US10002526 Internet-of-things systems and methods
US10002527 Remote control mobile terminal, remote control system and remote control method
US10002528 IR communication method and electronic device thereof
US10002529 Operating table system
US10002530 Traffic signal control using multiple Q-learning categories
US10002531 Method and apparatus for predicting driving behavior
US10002532 Communication device and method
US10002533 System, method and recording medium for emergency vehicle route guidance
US10002534 Vehicle driving assistance apparatus
US10002535 Dual-stage car finder
US10002536 Apparatus and method for providing service in vehicle to everything communication system
US10002537 Learning lanes from radar sensors
US10002538 Aircraft clearance enforcement
US10002539 Method and apparatus for integrated recording and playback of video audio and data inputs
US10002540 Interactive educational tool
US10002541 Musical modification method
US10002542 Method of playing a musical keyboard
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