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US10002543 System and methods for transforming language into interactive elements
US10002544 Neuroplasticity games for depression
US10002545 System and method for controlling gaming technology, musical instruments and environmental settings via detection of neuromuscular activity
US10002546 Spinal injection trainer and methods therefor
US10002547 Secret calculation method, secret calculation system, random permutation device, and program
US10002548 Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing personalized, just-in time information services
US10002549 Removable adhesive label containing polymeric film layer having water affinity
US10002550 System for reducing the release value of a label
US10002551 Bendable display device
US10002552 Light panel display apparatus for image sheet illumination
US10002553 Method, system, and device for determining a location of micro digital signage devices
US10002554 Display device and method of detecting deterioration of the same
US10002555 Display apparatus and dipslay method
US10002556 Display control to alleviate transition of pixel to an undesired level of gradation over time
US10002557 Display device
US10002558 Shift register unit and driving method thereof, gate driving circuit, and display device
US10002559 Image display device, image display system, and image display method
US10002560 Gate drive on array unit, gate drive on array circuit and display apparatus
US10002561 Perceptually configured array of addressable electromagnetic emitter elements
US10002562 Wear compensation for a display
US10002563 Electro-optical device having pixel circuit and driving circuit, driving method of electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
US10002564 Display device, display module, and electronic device
US10002565 Display unit, method of driving the same, and control pulse generation device
US10002566 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
US10002567 Pixel circuit, active matrix apparatus and display apparatus with first and second reference potentials applied to gate and other terminal of drive transistor
US10002568 Display unit, display unit driving method, and electronic apparatus with deterioration suppression
US10002569 Organic light emitting display device
US10002570 Electronic display driving scheme systems and methods
US10002571 Liquid crystal display incorporating color-changing backlight
US10002572 Liquid crystal monitor device, display system, and backlight control method
US10002573 Field sequential display device and drive method therefor
US10002574 Method, apparatus for display compensation and display device
US10002575 Driving methods and circuit for bi-stable displays
US10002576 Light modulating backplane with configurable multi-electrode pixels
US10002577 Color adjustment method and device, liquid crystal display
US10002578 Moving impurity ions in a liquid crystal display device
US10002579 Display device
US10002580 Semiconductor display device
US10002581 Liquid crystal display and a driving method thereof
US10002582 Driver and electronic device
US10002583 Display drive circuit and display panel
US10002584 Information processing apparatus, information providing method, and information providing system
US10002585 Selectively transmitting signals
US10002586 Compression of display data stored locally on a GPU
US10002587 Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus
US10002588 Electronic paper display device
US10002589 Retaining user selected screen area on user equipment
US10002590 Display device for sensing gesture and method of driving the same
US10002591 Display device and image rendering method thereof
US10002592 Displaying method of electronic device using a cover and electronic device thereof
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