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US10002593 Guitar capo applicable to different kinds of guitars
US10002594 Adjustable neck stiffener for stringed musical instruments
US10002595 Rhino resonator and flute crown
US10002596 Intelligent crossfade with separated instrument tracks
US10002597 System for electronically generating music
US10002598 Selective pitch emulator for electrical stringed instruments
US10002599 Pickup assembly for an electrical stringed musical instrument
US10002600 Gesture pad and integrated transducer-processor unit for use with stringed instrument
US10002601 In-vehicle communication signal processing
US10002602 Method and system for reducing fan noise and electronic device using the same
US10002603 System and method for actively influencing sound
US10002604 Voice synthesizing method and voice synthesizing apparatus
US10002605 Method and system for achieving emotional text to speech utilizing emotion tags expressed as a set of emotion vectors
US10002606 Automatic accuracy estimation for audio transcriptions
US10002607 Cross device companion application for phone
US10002608 System and method for using prosody for voice-enabled search
US10002609 Device and method for generating recognition network by adjusting recognition vocabulary weights based on a number of times they appear in operation contents
US10002610 Presentation supporting device, presentation supporting method, and computer-readable recording medium
US10002611 Asynchronous audio messaging
US10002612 Systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable storage media for transcription alignment
US10002613 Determining hotword suitability
US10002614 Determining the inter-channel time difference of a multi-channel audio signal
US10002615 Inter-channel level difference processing method and apparatus
US10002616 Audio decoding device
US10002617 Bandwidth extension of harmonic audio signal
US10002618 Sample rate converter with automatic anti-aliasing filter
US10002619 Unified speech/audio codec (USAC) processing windows sequence based mode switching
US10002621 Apparatus and method for decoding an encoded audio signal using a cross-over filter around a transition frequency
US10002622 Irregular pattern identification using landmark based convolution
US10002623 Speech-processing apparatus and speech-processing method
US10002624 Magnetic disk device using head amplifier circuit for pattern dependent write
US10002625 Recording head with multiple magnetic writers simultaneously writing to adjacent tracks
US10002626 Corrosion resistance cap located on end of waveguide core
US10002627 Tape head with electrically conducting surface to reduce triboelectric charging
US10002628 Piezoelectric motors including a stiffener layer
US10002629 Disk drive suspension assembly having a partially flangeless load point dimple
US10002630 Adaptive attenuation for disturbance compensation
US10002631 Head-medium contact detection using a thermal sensor heated by multiple heat generating components of a slider
US10002632 Recording medium with thin stabilization layer having high magnetic saturation and anisotropic field characteristics
US10002633 Optical disk, optical disk recording method, optical disk recording device, and integrated circuit
US10002634 Optical disc and optical disc device
US10002635 Systems and methods for information capture
US10002636 Method for creating RFID copy sheets
US10002637 Magnetic recording and reproducing device and method of controlling magnetic recording and reproducing device
US10002638 System and method for time delayed playback
US10002639 Sanitization of voice records
US10002640 Hyper-lapse video through time-lapse and stabilization
US10002641 Systems and methods for determining highlight segment sets
US10002642 Methods and devices for generating media items
US10002643 Reproducing apparatus, correlated information notifying method, and correlated information notifying program
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