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US10002644 Restructuring video streams to support random access playback
US10002645 Laminate-wrapped hard disk drives and related methods
US10002646 Local bit lines and methods of selecting the same to access memory elements in cross-point arrays
US10002647 Apparatuses and methods for sharing transmission vias for memory devices
US10002648 Memory device, semiconductor device, and electronic device
US10002649 Preliminary ready indication for memory operations on non-volatile memory
US10002650 Signal quality detection circuit for generating signal quality detection result according to two-dimensional nominal sampling point pattern and associated signal quality detection method
US10002651 Semiconductor devices
US10002652 Memory system and method for operating the same
US10002653 Die stack address bus having a programmable width
US10002654 Capacitive wordline boosting
US10002655 Memory cell structure of magnetic memory with spin device elements
US10002656 Semiconductor device and electronic device
US10002657 Enhanced memory device
US10002658 Dynamic random-access memory with embedded artificial neural network functionality
US10002659 System and method for decoding commands based on command signals and operating state
US10002660 Transistor gain cell with feedback
US10002661 Structure for reducing pre-charge voltage for static random-access memory arrays
US10002662 Semiconductor device
US10002663 Nonvolatile memory apparatus and resistance compensation circuit thereof
US10002664 Non-volatile resistive memory cell comprising metal electrodes and a solid electrolyte between the metal electrodes
US10002665 Memory devices formed from correlated electron materials
US10002666 FeRAM-DRAM hybrid memory
US10002667 Memory device
US10002668 Memory device, memory module, and memory system
US10002669 Method, system and device for correlated electron switch (CES) device operation
US10002670 Memory and memory control method
US10002671 Semiconductor memory device
US10002672 Memory device with progressive row reading and related reading method
US10002673 Flash memory data storage device and programming method thereof
US10002674 Method for operating a serial non-volatile semiconductor memory
US10002675 Shift register unit, gate driving circuit and driving method, and display apparatus
US10002676 Nonvolatile memory device detecting defective bit line at high speed and test system thereof
US10002677 Test mode control circuit
US10002678 Redundant error detection in a clinical diagnostic analyzer
US10002679 System for bulk encoding medical items
US10002680 Pressure wave generator and controller for generating a pressure wave in a liquid medium
US10002682 Nuclear reactor having plate or micro-channel heat exchangers integrated in the vessel
US10002683 Storing hazardous material in a subterranean formation
US10002684 Copper alloy and method for manufacturing the same
US10002685 Charge-transporting thin film
US10002686 Method of infusing fibrous substrate with conductive organic particles and conductive polymer; and conductive fibrous substrates prepared therefrom
US10002687 Transparent conductive film
US10002688 Flexible electrical power cable
US10002689 Metal sheathed cable with jacketed, cabled conductor subassembly
US10002690 Shielded conductive path
US10002691 High-speed, high resolution ethernet cable
US10002692 Method for manufacturing a resin-impregnatable sheet-like spacer for a highvoltage component, a spacer manufactured according to the method, a highvoltage component comprising the spacer and an arrangement for performing the method
US10002693 High-power compact electrical resistor
US10002694 Inductor including alpha″-Fe16Z2 or alpha″-Fe16(NxZ1-x)2, where Z includes at least one of C, B, or O
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