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US10002695 Method for manufacturing rare-earth magnets
US10002696 Wiring assembly and method of forming a channel in a wiring assembly for receiving conductor and providing separate regions of conductor contact with the channel
US10002697 Superconducting magnet device
US10002698 Valve having a magnetic actuator
US10002699 Electromagnetic coil driving control device
US10002700 Vertical-coupling transformer with an air-gap structure
US10002701 Profiling transformer of power system
US10002702 Coupler for use in a power distribution system
US10002703 Embedded magnetic component transformer device
US10002704 Coil module
US10002705 Coil device
US10002706 Coil and manufacturing method thereof
US10002707 Induction coil structure for wireless charging device
US10002708 Coil unit and wireless power transmission device
US10002709 Wireless charging device for an electronic device
US10002710 Ceramic multilayer wiring substrate and module including the same
US10002711 Low temperature multilayer dielectric film for passivation and capacitor
US10002712 Multi-layer capacitor package and package housing
US10002713 Self-damping MLCC array
US10002714 Dielectric film and dielectric element
US10002715 Energy storage capacitor having composite electrode structure
US10002716 Electron transport structure and perovskite solar cell having the same
US10002717 High performance lithium-ion capacitor laminate cells
US10002718 Lithium ion capacitor
US10002719 Separator having binder layer, and electrochemical device comprising the separator and method of preparing the separator
US10002720 Preparation of metal oxide-graphene composite films
US10002721 Multiple contact circuit breaker
US10002722 Switching system for breaking a current and method of performing a current breaking operation
US10002723 Switch
US10002724 Switch actuator with haptic and audible feedback
US10002725 Keyswitch
US10002726 Membrane switch and method of manufacturing the same
US10002727 Keycaps with reduced thickness
US10002728 Light-emitting keyboard
US10002729 Electronic device with slidable control button
US10002730 Inhibiter switch
US10002731 Rocker input mechanism
US10002732 Side break air switch with anti-rolling blade lock
US10002733 Internal tulip sleeve of the female arcing contact of a high voltage electric circuit breaker
US10002734 Contractor with micro-solenoid and device for retention of core of micro-solenoid for motor vehicle starter, and corresponding starter
US10002735 Trip light circuit breaker
US10002736 Double make double break interrupter module with independent blades
US10002737 Fuse module and fusible disconnect switch assembly therefor
US10002738 Simplified formation process of a low work function insert
US10002739 X-ray emitter
US10002740 Inspection device
US10002741 Electron microscope with plural X-ray detectors for acquiring elemental spectrum
US10002742 Composite scan path in a charged particle microscope
US10002743 Measurement system and measurement method
US10002744 System and method for controlling plasma density
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