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US10002745 Plasma treatment process for in-situ chamber cleaning efficiency enhancement in plasma processing chamber
US10002746 Multi regime plasma wafer processing to increase directionality of ions
US10002747 Methods and apparatus for supplying process gas in a plasma processing system
US10002748 Detection of grounding strap breakage
US10002749 Extinguishing arcs in a plasma chamber
US10002750 Field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry filter
US10002751 Ion beam irradiation apparatus
US10002752 Systems and methods for determining the suitability of RF sources in ultraviolet systems
US10002753 Chamfering apparatus and method for manufacturing notchless wafer
US10002754 Substrate processing method and recording medium
US10002755 Process for deposition of titanium oxynitride for use in integrated circuit fabrication
US10002756 Fin-FET device and fabrication method thereof
US10002757 Selectively lateral growth of silicon oxide thin film
US10002758 Compositions and methods of rinsable primers used to aid in the removal of temporary functional coatings
US10002759 Method of forming structures with V shaped bottom on silicon substrate
US10002760 Method for manufacturing SiC wafer fit for integration with power device manufacturing technology
US10002761 Method for forming a multiple layer epitaxial layer on a wafer
US10002762 Multi-angled deposition and masking for custom spacer trim and selected spacer removal
US10002763 Fabrication of substrates with a useful layer of monocrystalline semiconductor material
US10002764 Sputter etch material selectivity
US10002765 FinFET structure with different fin heights and method for forming the same
US10002766 High pressure low thermal budge high-k post annealing process
US10002767 Aluminum oxide landing layer for conductive channels for a three dimensional circuit device
US10002768 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
US10002769 Method for functionalizing a solid substrate, other than a substrate made of gold, via specific chemical compounds
US10002770 Substrate processing device and substrate processing method for carrying out chemical treatment for substrate
US10002771 Methods for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) processing with ozone
US10002772 Vapor phase etching of hafnia and zirconia
US10002773 Method for selectively etching silicon oxide with respect to an organic mask
US10002774 Metal interconnect processing for a non-reactive metal stack
US10002775 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10002776 Wafer manufacturing cleaning apparatus, process and method of use
US10002777 Substrate processing system and substrate processing method
US10002778 Substrate cleaning apparatus
US10002780 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor structure
US10002781 Tool auto-teach method and apparatus
US10002782 ESC assembly including an electrically conductive gasket for uniform RF power delivery therethrough
US10002783 Method for manufacturing memory device
US10002784 Via corner engineering in trench-first dual damascene process
US10002785 Air-gap assisted etch self-aligned dual Damascene
US10002786 Interconnection cells having variable width metal lines and fully-self aligned variable length continuity cuts
US10002787 Staircase encapsulation in 3D NAND fabrication
US10002788 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
US10002789 High performance middle of line interconnects
US10002790 Mechanisms for forming semiconductor device structure with feature opening
US10002791 Multi-layer work function metal gates with similar gate thickness to achieve multi-Vt for vFETS
US10002792 HDP fill with reduced void formation and spacer damage
US10002793 Sub-fin doping method
US10002794 Multiple gate length vertical field-effect-transistors
US10002795 Method and structure for forming vertical transistors with shared gates and separate gates
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