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US10002796 Dual epitaxial growth process for semiconductor device
US10002797 Chip integration including vertical field-effect transistors and bipolar junction transistors
US10002798 Structure and method for tensile and compressive strained silicon germanium with same germanium concentration by single epitaxy step
US10002799 Ion implantation method and ion implantation apparatus performing the same
US10002800 Prevention of charging damage in full-depletion devices
US10002801 Device manufacturing method and device manufacturing apparatus
US10002802 Method for reducing core-to-core mismatches in SOC applications
US10002803 Flipped vertical field-effect-transistor
US10002804 Method of endpoint detection of plasma etching process using multivariate analysis
US10002805 Processing methods and apparatus with temperature distribution control
US10002806 Metrology targets with filling elements that reduce inaccuracies and maintain contrast
US10002807 Semiconductor device
US10002808 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
US10002810 On-chip combined hot carrier injection and bias temperature instability monitor
US10002811 Electronic component package and method of manufacturing the same
US10002812 Power semiconductor module having a pressure application body and arrangement therewith
US10002813 Adhesive composition and adhesive sheet, and hardened article and semiconductor device using same
US10002814 Apparatuses and methods to enhance passivation and ILD reliability
US10002815 Multi-chip package structure manufacturing process and wafer level chip package structure manufacturing process
US10002816 Electronic device
US10002817 Semiconductor device
US10002818 Integrated electronic components and methods of formation thereof
US10002819 Heat sink with integrated threaded lid
US10002820 Through silicon via layout pattern
US10002821 Semiconductor chip package comprising semiconductor chip and leadframe disposed between two substrates
US10002822 Circuit boards and semiconductor packages including the same
US10002823 Packaging substrate and method of fabricating the same
US10002824 Magnetic alignment for flip chip microelectronic devices
US10002825 Method of fabricating package structure with an embedded electronic component
US10002826 Semiconductor device structure with conductive pillar and conductive line and method for forming the same
US10002827 Method for selective re-routing of selected areas in a target layer and in adjacent interconnecting layers of an IC device
US10002828 Methods for microelectronics fabrication and packaging using a magnetic polymer
US10002829 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
US10002830 Semiconductor device with multi-layer metallization
US10002831 Selective and non-selective barrier layer wet removal
US10002832 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
US10002833 Power and ground routing of integrated circuit devices with improved IR drop and chip performance
US10002834 Method and apparatus for protecting metal interconnect from halogen based precursors
US10002835 Structure for establishing interconnects in packages using thin interposers
US10002836 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and semiconductor product
US10002837 Semiconductor device
US10002838 Method and apparatus for back-biased switch transistors
US10002839 Electronic structure, and electronic structure array
US10002840 Semiconductor devices having discretely located passivation material, and associated systems and methods
US10002841 Semiconductor device
US10002842 Method of producing a hybridized device including microelectronic components
US10002843 Semiconductor substrate structure, semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
US10002844 Bonded structures
US10002845 Lead-free soldering method and soldered article
US10002846 Method for remapping a packaged extracted die with 3D printed bond connections
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