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US10002847 OLED pixel unit, transparent display device, method for fabricating the same, display apparatus
US10002848 Test method for a redistribution layer
US10002849 Semiconductor package structure and method for manufacturing the same
US10002850 Semiconductor chip flexibly applied to various routing structures and semiconductor chip module using the same
US10002851 Semiconductor packages including chip enablement pads
US10002852 Package on package configuration
US10002853 Stacked semiconductor package having a support and method for fabricating the same
US10002854 Semiconductor device and method
US10002855 LED module with hermetic seal of wavelength conversion material
US10002856 Micro-LED array transfer
US10002857 Package on package (PoP) device comprising thermal interface material (TIM) in cavity of an encapsulation layer
US10002858 Power transistor module
US10002859 Fin-FET resonant body transistor
US10002860 Integrated circuit and standard cell library
US10002861 ESD protection structure
US10002862 Solid-state lighting structure with integrated short-circuit protection
US10002863 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
US10002864 Intra-metal capacitor and method of forming the same
US10002865 3D semiconductor structure and device
US10002866 Method for forming capacitor, semiconductor device, module, and electronic device
US10002867 Fin-type field effect transistor structure and manufacturing method thereof
US10002868 Vertical fin resistor devices
US10002869 Semiconductor structure and fabrication method thereof
US10002870 Process enhancement using double sided epitaxial on substrate
US10002871 High-K gate dielectric and metal gate conductor stack for fin-type field effect transistors formed on type III-V semiconductor material and silicon germanium semiconductor material
US10002872 Three-dimensional vertical one-time-programmable memory
US10002873 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10002874 Method of forming conductive material of a buried transistor gate line and method of forming a buried transistor gate line
US10002875 Semiconductor devices with charge fixing layers
US10002876 FinFET vertical flash memory
US10002877 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices and fabricating methods thereof
US10002878 Complementary SONOS integration into CMOS flow
US10002879 Semiconductor structure having gate replacement and method for manufacturing the same
US10002880 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
US10002881 Programmable integrated circuit standard cell
US10002882 Method for manufacturing a high-resistivity semiconductor-on-insulator substrate including an RF circuit overlapping a doped region in the substrate
US10002883 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
US10002884 Semiconductor device
US10002885 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
US10002886 Semiconductor device
US10002887 Array substrate, method for producing the same, and display apparatus
US10002888 Semiconductor device and electronic device
US10002889 Low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor array substrate and method of fabricating the same, and display device
US10002890 Liquid crystal display
US10002891 Logic circuit and semiconductor device
US10002892 Solid-state imaging device and electronic device
US10002893 Image sensor including hybrid pixel structure
US10002894 Imaging apparatus having same exposure period for signals held in signal holding units in first and second pixel rows
US10002895 Apparatus and methods for buried channel transfer gate
US10002896 Housing for an infrared radiation micro device and method for fabricating such housing
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