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US10002897 Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing a solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
US10002898 Image sensor and electronic device including the same
US10002899 Microlens for a phase detection auto focus (PDAF) pixel of a composite grid structure
US10002900 Three-dimensional wafer scale integration of heterogeneous wafers with unequal die sizes
US10002902 Solid-state imaging element, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging device for reducing thickness of photoelectric conversion film
US10002903 Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
US10002904 Encapsulation of magnetic tunnel junction structures in organic photopatternable dielectric material
US10002905 Data storage devices
US10002906 Method for fabricating an array of diodes, in particular for a non-volatile memory, and corresponding device
US10002907 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
US10002908 Logic elements comprising carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNTFET) devices and methods of making same
US10002909 Solid-state image sensor, method of producing the same, and electronic apparatus
US10002910 Organic light emitting diode display device
US10002911 Display back plate and fabricating method thereof and display device
US10002912 Organic light emitting device, display device having the same, and method of manufacturing display device
US10002913 Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus
US10002914 Method of manufacturing a display apparatus having pixels areas with different thicknesses
US10002915 Micro light-emitting diode display panel
US10002916 Organic light-emitting diode display
US10002917 Circuit and method for repairing signal line disconnection and display panel
US10002918 Display substrates, methods of manufacturing the same and display devices including the same
US10002919 High resistivity iron-based, thermally stable magnetic material for on-chip integrated inductors
US10002920 System and method for edge termination of super-junction (SJ) devices
US10002921 Nanowire semiconductor device including lateral-etch barrier region
US10002922 Process to etch semiconductor materials
US10002923 Techniques for forming finFET transistors with same fin pitch and different source/drain epitaxy configurations
US10002924 Devices including high percentage SiGe fins formed at a tight pitch and methods of manufacturing same
US10002925 Strained semiconductor device
US10002926 Method and structure for forming dielectric isolated FinFET with improved source/drain epitaxy
US10002927 Transparent electrodes and electronic devices including the same
US10002928 Manufacturable RGB display based on thin film gallium and nitrogen containing light emitting diodes
US10002929 Reduction of defect induced leakage in III-V semiconductor devices
US10002930 Forming a contact layer on a semiconductor body
US10002931 Silicon carbide semiconductor device
US10002932 Self-aligned contact protection using reinforced gate cap and spacer portions
US10002933 Semiconductor device structure with cap layer with top and bottom portions over gate electrode
US10002934 Semiconductor device
US10002935 Semiconductor devices and structures and methods of formation
US10002936 Titanium aluminum and tantalum aluminum thin films
US10002937 Shared metal gate stack with tunable work function
US10002938 Atomic layer deposition of selected molecular clusters
US10002939 Nanosheet transistors having thin and thick gate dielectric material
US10002940 Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
US10002941 Hybrid gate dielectrics for semiconductor power devices
US10002942 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US10002943 Semiconductor devices having 3D channels, and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having 3D channels
US10002944 Semiconductor structure
US10002945 Composite spacer enabling uniform doping in recessed fin devices
US10002946 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
US10002947 FinFETs with vertical fins and methods for forming the same
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