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US10002948 FinFET having highly doped source and drain regions
US10002949 Semiconductor device
US10002950 Bipolar transistor and method for producing the same
US10002951 Semiconductor device
US10002952 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
US10002953 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
US10002954 Fin-based semiconductor devices and methods
US10002955 High-electron-mobility transistor and manufacturing method thereof
US10002956 High electron mobility transistor
US10002957 Shield wrap for a heterostructure field effect transistor
US10002958 Diamond on III-nitride device
US10002959 Semiconductor device comprising a temperature sensor, temperature sensor and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising a temperature sensor
US10002960 LDMOS transistor and fabrication method thereof
US10002961 Semiconductor device suppressing current leakage in a bootstrap diode
US10002962 Vertical FET structure
US10002963 Semiconductor device
US10002964 System and method for threshold logic with electrostatically formed nanowire transistors
US10002965 Fin field effect transistor complementary metal oxide semiconductor with dual strained channels with solid phase doping
US10002966 Field effect transistor and device thereof
US10002967 Semiconductor devices having fin-shaped patterns with inflection points
US10002968 Semiconductor device and display device including the same
US10002969 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
US10002970 Semiconductor device, manufacturing method of the same, or display device including the same
US10002971 Semiconductor device and display device including the semiconductor device
US10002972 OLED display device comprising dual gate transistor
US10002973 Magnetic tunnel junction with an improved tunnel barrier
US10002974 Zener diode
US10002975 Optical component packaging structure
US10002976 Solar cell
US10002977 Electro-conductive paste comprising coarse inorganic oxide particles in the preparation of electrodes in MWT solar cells
US10002978 Photovoltaic module including a transparent conductive electrode having a variable thickness, and methods for manufacturing same
US10002979 Unipolar doping in photodiode and phototransistor
US10002980 Process for manufacture of mono-or polycrystalline silicon panels with annealed metal layer
US10002981 Multi-junction solar cells
US10002982 Emitter for a thermo-photovoltaic system and thermo-photovoltaic system comprising at least one such emitter
US10002983 Nanocomposite barrier films for photovoltaic applications
US10002984 Solar cell panel
US10002985 Method for manufacturing solar cell module
US10002986 Hybrid integration of photodetector array with digital front end
US10002988 Surface treatment of a semiconductor light emitting device
US10002989 Method for producing a semiconductor light-emitting device
US10002990 Porous-silicon light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
US10002991 Light-emitting element
US10002992 Red phosphor, white light emitting device and lighting apparatus
US10002993 Light emitting device
US10002994 Solid state lighting devices having improved color uniformity and associated methods
US10002995 Multiple transmission windows for OFDM symbol
US10002996 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
US10002997 Lead frame for light emitting device, and lead frame member for light emitting device
US10002998 Tin selenide single crystals for thermoelectric applications
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