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US10002999 Thermoelectric materials and their manufacturing method
US10003000 System for thermoelectric energy generation
US10003001 Thermoelectric module
US10003002 Silicon integrated bivalve thermoelectric generator of out-of-plane heat flux configuration
US10003003 Thermoelectric conversion module
US10003004 Methods for forming thermoelectric elements
US10003005 Superconductor device interconnect
US10003006 Piezoelectric actuator, method for manufacturing the same, and magnetic disc apparatus
US10003007 Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric element application device, and method for manufacturing piezoelectric element
US10003008 Device with a controlled displacement membrane
US10003009 Composite piezoelectric ceramic and piezoelectric device
US10003010 Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory device, skyrmion-memory embedded solid-state electronic device, data storage apparatus, data processing and communication apparatus
US10003011 Magnetic memory devices and methods for manufacturing the same
US10003012 Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
US10003013 Semiconductor device having circuitry positioned above a buried magnetic sensor
US10003014 Method of forming an on-pitch self-aligned hard mask for contact to a tunnel junction using ion beam etching
US10003015 Method and system for providing a diluted free layer magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque applications
US10003016 Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy BCC multilayers
US10003017 Etching apparatus and etching method
US10003018 Vertical multi-batch magnetic annealing systems for reduced footprint manufacturing environments
US10003019 Semiconductor device, related manufacturing method, and related electronic device
US10003020 Heterojunction oxide non-volatile memory device
US10003021 Resistive memory cell with sloped bottom electrode
US10003022 RRAM cell structure with conductive etch-stop layer
US10003023 Display device and electronic device
US10003024 Materials for organic electroluminescent devices
US10003025 EDOT functionalized conjugated polymer and photodetector containing the same
US10003026 Ladder tetrazine polymers
US10003028 Hybrid carbon-metal interconnect structures
US10003029 Compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
US10003030 Heterocyclic compound and organic light emitting device comprising same
US10003031 Compound for organic electric element, organic electric element comprising the same and electronic device thereof
US10003032 Organic electroluminescent materials containing benzimidazole and organic electroluminescent device by using the same
US10003033 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
US10003034 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
US10003035 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
US10003036 Hybrid heterojunction photovoltaic device
US10003037 Optoelectronic devices comprising solution-processable metal oxide buffer layers
US10003038 Organic light-emitting element
US10003039 Light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
US10003040 Organic light emitting diode and organic light emitting display device including the same
US10003041 Organic light emitting diode and organic light emitting display device including the same
US10003042 OLED display device
US10003043 OLED display panel and production process thereof
US10003044 Cover window for a display device, and a display device including the same
US10003045 Display device
US10003046 Display module and display apparatus having the same
US10003047 Light-emitting device and electronic device
US10003048 Optical film and OLED display having the same
US10003049 Secondary battery of improved safety
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