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US10000256 Bicycle sprocket
US10000257 Watercraft
US10000258 Vessel with selectively deployable hull members
US10000259 Suction anchor
US10000260 Systems and methods for pressure tolerant energy systems
US10000261 System, method, and apparatus for stabilizing a boat
US10000262 Data-processing device, program, recording medium and data-processing method for generation of data that indicates navigation performance of ship
US10000263 Underwater system and method
US10000264 Underwater watercraft
US10000265 Controlling buoyancy of an underwater vehicle using a dual-internal-reservoir configuration to enhance efficiency of inflating and deflating an external chamber
US10000266 Aquatic jet propulsion device
US10000267 Methods for trimming trimmable marine devices with respect to a marine vessel
US10000268 Systems and methods for controlling a marine vessel having a joystick with adjustable display
US10000269 Column based electric assist marine power steering
US10000270 Moving body control device, moving body control method, and moving body control program
US10000271 Door construction with gap sealing device and method for sealing a gap between a door and a door frame
US10000272 Thermal acoustic insulation blankets
US10000273 Passive load alleviation for a fiber reinforced wing box of an aircraft with a stiffened shell structure
US10000274 Mitigation of surface discontinuities between flight control surfaces and an airframe of an aircraft
US10000275 Aircraft hybrid flight control system
US10000276 Pushing device, moving mechanism and aircraft
US10000277 Perforated surface for suction-type laminar flow control
US10000278 Landing gear for an aircraft comprising an obstacle detector
US10000279 Retractable landing gear
US10000280 Device for mounting an aircraft tail wheel
US10000281 Control method for controlling a buoyancy system for an aircraft, a buoyancy system, and an aircraft
US10000282 Aircraft landing gear assembly
US10000283 Negative spring compensation for elastomeric bearing torque
US10000284 Collaborative unmanned aerial vehicle for an inventory system
US10000285 Methods and systems for detecting and resolving failure events when raising and lowering a payload
US10000287 Drop down overhead galley stowage system
US10000288 Laterally and recline adjustable aircraft passenger seat
US10000289 Temperature control gasper apparatus
US10000290 Electro-expulsive deicing apparatuses comprising at least one standoff
US10000291 Aircraft evacuation slide
US10000292 Multipurpose lane divider for evacuation slide
US10000293 Gas-electric propulsion system for an aircraft
US10000294 Aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction method and system
US10000295 Aircraft fuel vent pipe
US10000296 Electrical control system
US10000297 Aircraft display systems and methods for generating horizontal situation indicator graphics with enhanced symbology
US10000298 Metrology system for positioning assemblies
US10000299 Self-repair structures and methods for making the same
US10000300 Device for holding and aligning a useful component, in particular a space travel component
US10000301 Method for dispensing moist smokeless tobacco
US10000302 Method of forming a stack of cosmetic pads
US10000303 Container comprising integral film lid
US10000304 Method for sanitizing and filling containers
US10000305 Antioxidant-stabilized joint implants
US10000306 Variable volume containers useful in pack-off operations
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