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US10003050 Battery module with heat transfer plate engagement section
US10003051 System for the storage of electric energy for a vehicle with electric propulsion and presenting cylindrical chemical batteries embedded in a support matrix
US10003052 Compression limiters for electrified vehicle battery assemblies
US10003053 Systems, structures and materials for electrochemical device thermal management
US10003054 Power source pack
US10003055 Battery module
US10003056 Battery containing acid resistant nonwoven fiber mat with biosoluble microfibers
US10003057 Separator paper for electrochemical cells
US10003058 Method of making a co-extruded, multi-layered battery separator
US10003059 Ion conductive inks and solutions for additive manufacturing of lithium microbatteries
US10003061 Energy storage device and method of manufacturing energy storage device
US10003062 Modular battery cover
US10003063 Battery assembly for implantable medical device
US10003064 Secondary battery
US10003065 Method for manufacturing battery wiring module
US10003066 Connecting pole for a rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery housing and machine for producing a connecting pole
US10003067 Electric storage device and method for producing electric storage device
US10003068 High capacity anode materials for lithium ion batteries
US10003069 Lead-acid battery
US10003070 Composite materials of nano-dispersed silicon and tin and methods of making the same
US10003071 Electrode structure, method of fabricating the same, and lithium battery
US10003072 Positive electrode active material for secondary battery, method for producing same and secondary battery
US10003073 Electrode and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
US10003074 Lithium ion cell having improved ageing behavior
US10003075 Carbon nanotube-metal nanocomposites as flexible, free standing, binder free high performance anode for Li-ion battery
US10003076 Binder for electrode in lithium secondary cell, electrode manufactured using said binder, and lithium secondary cell in which said electrode is used
US10003077 Battery electrode binder and battery and electrode using same
US10003078 Metal-sulfur battery cathode containing humic acid-derived conductive foam impregnated with sulfur or sulfide
US10003079 Gas diffusion electrode medium for fuel cell
US10003080 Process for forming a metal supported solid oxide fuel cell
US10003081 Catalyst assembly and method of making the same
US10003082 Electrode catalyst material, fuel cell electrode, method for producing electrode catalyst material, and fuel cell
US10003083 Composition for fuel cell electrode
US10003084 Metal nanoparticle-graphene composites and methods for their preparation and use
US10003085 Carbon support material for solid polymer type fuel cell use and metal catalyst particle- supporting carbon material and methods of production of same
US10003086 Primary lithium battery having a DME-free electrolyte
US10003088 Solid oxide fuel cell stack
US10003089 Multilayer coating for corrosion resistant metal bipolar plate for a PEMFC
US10003090 Fuel cell component having a flap extending from a polymer impregnated region
US10003091 Phosphoric acid fuel cell component having a polymer impregnated region
US10003092 Coolant fluid feed to fuel cell stacks
US10003093 Fuel cell system including a fuel cell and a controller for controlling water vapor amount or average flow rate of a fuel gas
US10003094 Fuel cell system and method of controlling fuel cell system
US10003095 Waste management in electrochemical systems
US10003096 Polymer electrolyte membrane, membrane-electrode assembly comprising the same and fuel cell comprising the same
US10003097 Process for operating a redox flow battery system
US10003098 Fuel cell
US10003099 Fuel cell stack
US10003100 Nonaqueous electrolyte with fluorine containing ether compound for lithium secondary battery
US10003101 Non-aqueous electrolytic solution, secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus
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