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US10003102 Electrolyte additive for lithium battery, electrolyte including the additive, and lithium battery including the electrolyte
US10003103 Additive having cyano group for non-aqueous electrolyte and electrochemical device using the same
US10003104 Method for effecting a sleep mode of a cell supervision circuit of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and lithium-ion rechargeable battery
US10003105 Battery module having improved safety
US10003106 Apparatus and method for managing battery
US10003107 Power source device
US10003108 Storage battery, method of controlling storage battery, and non-transitory storage medium
US10003109 Secondary battery
US10003110 Charge-free mixing entropy battery
US10003111 Thermal interface composite material and method
US10003112 Battery backplane assembly with integrated bus bar connections and thermal management features
US10003113 Fastening assembly and method
US10003114 Cathode for a metal/air battery and methods for manufacturing such a cathode
US10003115 Terminator and termination method
US10003116 Electronic apparatus having coplanar waveguide transmission line
US10003117 Two-port triplate-line/waveguide converter having two probes with tips extending in different directions
US10003118 Spatial coupler and antenna for splitting and combining electromagnetic signals
US10003119 Base station interface device of distributed antenna system
US10003120 Smartphone antenna in flexible PCB
US10003121 Mobile device and antenna structure
US10003122 Antenna device and communication device using the same
US10003123 Full-duplex antenna and mobile terminal
US10003124 Data communications case having an internal antenna array
US10003125 Electronic device including antenna
US10003126 Stretchable organic metals, composition, and use
US10003127 Antenna system and isolator structure thereof
US10003128 Resonant type power transmission antenna device
US10003129 Hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and method of calibration
US10003130 Communication device with reconfigurable low-profile antenna element
US10003131 System and method of optical antenna tuning
US10003132 Shared-aperture antenna and base station
US10003133 Reusable carrier based polarization diversity for uplink of full-duplex radio-over-fiber system
US10003134 Single band dual concurrent network device
US10003135 Mechanical use-limiting connector for electrical tool
US10003136 Crimp terminal and crimping structure with respect to electrical wire thereof
US10003137 Electrical connector box
US10003138 Pump device and terminal member
US10003140 Coaxial connector having a grounding member
US10003141 Seal structure for multi-core cable
US10003142 Terminal block
US10003144 Electrical connector assembly and conductive assembly having an intervening wall
US10003145 Electrical connector having a circuit board interposer with press-fit mounting contacts
US10003146 Electrical connector
US10003148 Connector
US10003149 Fluid pressure activated electrical contact devices and methods
US10003150 Electrical connector and electronic device
US10003151 Conductor module
US10003152 Reverse-gender pin contact for use with a connector having a high density layout
US10003153 Connector module
US10003154 Dust cap having a housing with a cantilever beam secured to a shell of a receptacle by a coupling member
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