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US10003155 Electrical plug connector pair
US10003156 Quick-connect mating post
US10003157 Service plug unit, device unit, and power cutting-off system for electric car comprising same
US10003158 LAN connector with unlocking preventing mechanism
US10003159 Enclosed power outlet
US10003160 Interface module and related method
US10003161 Electrical connector
US10003162 Termination device
US10003163 Power distribution unit
US10003164 Power strip assembly
US10003165 Photo-electric receptacle luminaire integration point
US10003166 Universal compact compression tool
US10003167 Width-tunable single-frequency fiber laser light source for coherent optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
US10003168 Fiber laser with free-space components
US10003169 Laser module
US10003170 Soldering system of semiconductor laser element
US10003171 Sealed laser diode heat sink module
US10003172 Circuit layout of laser source driving circuit
US10003173 Widely tunable laser control
US10003174 Sinusoidal optical emission method, and corresponding circuit
US10003175 External-resonator-type light-emitting device
US10003176 Generator coupling kit and methods thereof
US10003177 Curing material, wire harness, and manufacturing method thereof
US10003178 Stringer wheel and cable guide apparatus
US10003179 Integrated systems facilitating wire and cable installations
US10003180 Cable pathway divider and method for installing same
US10003181 Modular cover plates
US10003182 Covers for distribution lines and insulators
US10003183 Cable management systems
US10003184 Backflow preventing device, power conversion device, and refrigeration air-conditioning apparatus
US10003185 Electrical device with power quality event protection and associated method
US10003186 Variable-speed constant-frequency power control
US10003187 Method and system to prevent voltage sagging in a redundant power supply configuration
US10003188 Method for operating an active converter connected to an electric machine, and means for implementing same
US10003189 Parallel-connected semiconductor devices with current sharing technology and control method thereof
US10003190 Inrush control with multiple switches
US10003191 Space efficient and power spike resistant ESD power clamp with digitally timed latch
US10003192 Bus interfaces with unpowered termination
US10003193 Power supply system
US10003194 Parallel battery system
US10003195 Hybrid STATCOM with wide compensation range and low DC-link voltage
US10003197 Energy management method and system for energy supply system
US10003198 Method and device for monitoring and suppressing resonance
US10003199 Battery energy storage system
US10003200 Decentralized module-based DC data center
US10003201 Electronic device and method for applying power depending on whether accessory is charged
US10003202 Device for balancing a power battery element load
US10003203 All-solid-state secondary battery system
US10003204 Portable multiple mobile electronic device charging station
US10003205 Composite integrated circuit for secondary battery, composite device for secondary battery, and battery pack
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