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US10003206 Electronic device to be directly charged by a charging device
US10003207 Method and apparatus for battery charging
US10003208 Apparatus for power management
US10003209 Charge period adjusting apparatus, charge system, and charge period adjusting program
US10003210 Controller for a switched mode power supply and associated methods
US10003212 Non-contact type charger and non-contact type battery
US10003213 Power adapter
US10003214 Battery management system
US10003215 Uninterrupted power supply with switchable reference
US10003216 Non-contact electric power feeding system, terminal device, non-contact electric power feeding device, and non-contact electric power feeding method
US10003217 System and method for reducing emissions for polarized coil systems for wireless inductive power transfer
US10003218 Chassis design for wireless-charging coil integration for computing systems
US10003219 Electronic device including non-contact charging module
US10003220 Reconfigurable wireless power resonator
US10003221 Detector, power transmitter, power receiver, power feed system, and detection method
US10003222 Dual-accumulator electrical generation apparatus
US10003223 Tapered bearing housing at coupled end of close-coupled motor
US10003224 Motor assembly for washing machine
US10003225 Motor
US10003226 Motor
US10003227 Axially asymmetric configuration for interior permanent magnet machine
US10003228 Interior permanent magnet machine with axially varying permanent magnet size
US10003229 Low inertia direct drive drawworks
US10003230 Axial-gap motor-generator
US10003231 Electric machine and method for winding a coil of an electric machine
US10003232 Rotary electric machine and stator manufacturing method
US10003233 Mechanically and electrically integrated rotary electric machine
US10003234 Electrical machine comprising a fastening flange
US10003235 Flexible connector system for connecting a high current motor to a PCB of an integrated electronics system of a vehicle
US10003236 Direct drive rotor with metal coupler
US10003237 Flywheel rotor
US10003238 Brush assembly with bridge and leg portions with metal routing
US10003239 Doubly-fed induction generator system for a gas turbine
US10003240 Methods for generating power from miniature electrical generators and power sources
US10003241 Vehicle inverter device and motor-driven compressor
US10003243 Rotor, method of manufacturing the rotor, and rotary electric machine having the rotor
US10003244 Squirrel-cage rotor and method for manufacturing squirrel-cage rotor
US10003245 Linear vibrating motor
US10003246 Linear-motor stator with integral line reactor
US10003247 Linear actuator
US10003248 Control algorithm for power electronics based on time durations
US10003249 Insulated gate semiconductor device including switchable insulated gate semiconductor element
US10003250 Modular converter circuit having sub-modules, which are operated in linear operation
US10003251 Power converting device containing high frequency inverter and low frequency inverter connecting in parallel and the method thereof
US10003252 Over-current recovery including overshoot suppression
US10003253 Hybrid transformation system based on three-phase PWM rectifier and multi-unit uncontrolled rectifier and control method thereof
US10003254 Digital AC/DC power converter
US10003255 VID-controlled voltage regulator with audible noise correction
US10003256 Systems and methods for controlling a voltage multiplier ladder for optimal efficiency and minimal component stress
US10003257 Converter
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