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US10003258 Charge pump circuit with a low reverse current
US10003259 Voltage converter and control method thereof
US10003260 Semiconductor devices and methods for dead time optimization by measuring gate driver response time
US10003261 High efficiency switching charger with reduced input voltage ripple
US10003262 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and power supply system
US10003263 Over voltage protection control method and circuit for four-switch buck-boost converter
US10003264 DC/DC converter
US10003265 Switching power supply device
US10003266 Configurable multi-rail voltage regulation with coupled inductor power steering
US10003267 Isolated DC-DC converter with an H-bridge circuit
US10003268 Systems and methods for output current regulation in power conversion systems
US10003269 Smart Grouping control method for power converter switching noise management
US10003270 Reduction of audible noise in a power converter
US10003271 Systems and methods for constant voltage control and constant current control
US10003272 Three-phase/single-phase matrix converter
US10003273 Power conversion device
US10003274 Power conversion device
US10003275 LLC resonant converter with integrated magnetics
US10003276 Power converter comprising an architecture having nonaligned arms
US10003277 Power conversion device
US10003278 Active CMOS recovery units for wireless power transmission
US10003279 System and method for power conversion
US10003280 Semiconductor module, upper and lower arm kit, and three-level inverter
US10003281 Electrostatic energy harvester with improved transparency and mechanical property using two-dimensional material on ferroelectric or piezoelectric material
US10003282 Linearly deployed actuators
US10003283 Method for changing an operating state of an electric machine and device for changing the operating state of an electric machine
US10003284 Power apparatus, controlling method thereof and motor driving apparatus therein
US10003285 Decoupling current control utilizing direct plant modification in electric power steering system
US10003286 Motor control device and steering control device
US10003287 Magnet degradation and damage controls and diagnostics for permanent magnet motors
US10003288 Motor control circuit and fan including the same
US10003289 Method for controlling motor
US10003290 Method of monitoring power provision of a generator set
US10003291 Hybrid surface magnet machine
US10003292 System and method for optimizing flux regulation in electric motors
US10003293 Portable motor drive system
US10003294 Control apparatus of rotary electric machine and electric power steering apparatus using the same
US10003295 Inverter control device
US10003296 Apparatus for controlling operation of power conversion device and monitoring operation state of relay
US10003297 Drive circuit and semiconductor apparatus for a high output motor
US10003298 Solar collector cable support tray and support system
US10003299 Photovoltaic module
US10003300 Photovoltaic management and module-level power electronics
US10003301 Drive circuit for an oscillator
US10003302 Modified tunneling field effect transistors and fabrication methods
US10003303 Modulated supply amplifier with adjustable input parameter configuration
US10003304 Operational amplifier and method for reducing offset voltage of operational amplifier
US10003305 Apparatus and method for modulating supply for a power amplifier
US10003306 Ripple reduction filter for chopped amplifiers
US10003307 Semiconductor device
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